BEC / February / 2014 - page 140

es. The couple had high hopes
in providing healthier alterna-
tives to the public, and began
their journey by selling their
products to friends and fam-
ily in Huron County, Ontario.
The operation grew and the
duo astutely settled into an
800-acre land in King Town-
ship, where the business was
able to offer their small-town
charm to a larger urban demo-
It wasn’t until Whole Foods –
the world’s largest retailer of
organic food products – came
to Toronto that the farm was
able to be solidified, and con-
sequentially expand the busi-
ness. “Most Canadian grocers
realized that organics is some-
thing we have to catch up on...
it’s not a fad and isn’t going
away,” advocates Cynthia.
“[Whole Foods] pushed us to
be better at our business. We
business elite canada
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