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all of their slaughterhouses
are inspected regularly. Also,
their natural beef program
claims are CFIA approved,
becoming one of the only
approved programs for the
natural raising of meat in
Canada. With everything said
and done, however, there is
still a noticeable difference in
the national industry as com-
pared to the European market
that sees more awareness yet
little experience in importing
Canadian beef, which is what
the company wishes to break
into in the near future. They
are in the midst of expanding
into a federal entrée line and
their federal burger will be
launched across Canada in the
Spring. 2014 will bring with it
a new line of meal replacement
snacks, and an expansion into
international markets.
With outlets such as the Food
Network and modern cook-
ing shows shedding light to
the industry, food is becom-
ing more “sexy... people are
cooking more and its almost
like food porn. People are tak-
ing a more active role in what
they eat - and people can call
and speak to us. We’re very
hands on which has helped to
grow our business,” Cynthia
says. “I am a Beretta but I also
believe in it... it’s not selling
the product but talking about
what we do.” Today, the On-
tario-native business shelves
its grass-fed, organic and nat-
ural meat products at major
grocers such as Whole Foods,
Loblaw’s and Longo’s.
For more information on
Beretta Farms, visit
business elite canada
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