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you question everything and I
think that’s what’s happening
out there as a whole,” says
Boasting several divisions un-
der one umbrella company,
Beretta is an organic meat
retail company servicing con-
sumers directly, a wholesaler
to grocery stores, an ingredi-
ent supplier to third parties,
a source of clean protein for
athletes, and a full-service
catering company, providing
gourmet catering for a variety
of clients including Tridel and
the beloved Toronto Maple
Leafs. The company empha-
sizes raising meat that is Ca-
nadian, grass fed, naturally
raised with no added hor-
mones or antibiotics – a con-
cept lost on most of the larg-
er food chains that sacrifice
health for affordability.
“When there’s a connection
to what you’re eating, know-
ing the process of how it end-
ed up on your plate, you feel
good about it and will prob-
ably be willing to spend a bit
more.” The biggest challenge
says Cynthia, is building sup-
ply to meet the demand that is
out there, and to convert more
farmers to grow organic and
make that change in becom-
ing antibiotic free producers.
In addition to offering a cer-
tified organic line, the estab-
lishment provides an antibiot-
ic, GMO free line to meet the
huge growth in the hormone-
free movement.
Beretta customers can sleep
peacefully knowing the Farm
is certified organic by Cana-
dian national standards and
business elite canada
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