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business elite canada
creative multimedia event
production for events of all
sizes and types, ranging any-
where from a 20, 000 person
concert to an intimate corpo-
rate party. Secondly, the busi-
ness provides loudspeaker
manufacturing where they
design, develop and manu-
facture their branded profes-
sional loudspeakers which are
built to serve large audiences.
“Our design philosophy in-
volves five key elements and
we focus on ensuring all of
our products meet Reliabil-
ity, Maximum Per formance,
Efficiency, Simplicity and El-
egance. While it might seem
simple, it’s sometimes easy
to get lost in complexity and
even the passion of design
and these simple five words
provide our moral compass to
bring us back on course.” The
company receives its compet-
itive edge by boasting an in-
house production group that
allows them to continuously
road test their equipment ex-
tensively before it goes to a
client. “The difference be-
tween us and our competition
is that we truly care about our
customers’ event and success.
It’s a core value and we walk
the talk,” says Bridge. “Hav-
ing our own brand of loud-
speakers means our custom-
ers always have the newest
and greatest products at their
The company works with art-
ists, promoters and organiza-
tions of all scopes, and their
prominent project portfolio
includes working with Skril-
lex, Smash Gordon, Calvin
Harris, as well as partaking
alongside the biggest names
in music events such as Burn-
ing Man and Shambhala. “Ev-
ery artist is different but they
all share a passion for the mu-
sic they make and they want
to ensure the audience experi-
ences the emotional connec-
tion they intended to create…
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