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“I think we are entering into a
new era and the best people
are looking for more than just
a paycheck… they want what
they do to matter and to be a
real part of the process.”
The vision for PK Sound was
partly inspired by another lo-
cal Calgary company, employ-
ing Jeremy early in his career,
Spartan Controls. The com-
pany distinguishes itself from
the rest of the crop through
its decision to make all par-
ticipants -- —from the senior
executives all the way through
to the part-time employees --
- as an owner in the company.
By 2009, Bridge and his team
made the decision to go full
steam ahead and leave their
professional careers in a mul-
titude of industries and nur-
tured PK Sound as a full-time
venture. “Needless to say in
5 years we have increased
revenue by 500%, expanded
to the United States, have 41
staff and contractors and are
working with the National Re-
search Council on a very excit-
ing R&D project. We feel like
we are just getting warmed
The first of PK Sound’s two
main divisions is production
services, which is providing
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