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Since a lot of us are musicians
as well, we easily make that
connection and we help take
it to the next level.”
With the emerging of innova-
tive technologies changing the
way music is conceived and
delivered, the company works
towards merging advances in
software and robotics into
loudspeaker technology that
increase sound quality across
the entire audience while re-
ducing time. “The internet
changed the rules and has al-
lowed artists to connect di-
rectly to their fans through
social media. I believe the
major emergence of EDM in
North America was due to ex-
actly that,” says Bridge who is
happy to see first-hand how
these technologies are revolu-
tionizing the way an artist is
Like any industry, the music
business faces its share of ad-
versity, and our specific mar-
kets are more susceptible to
change depending on cultural
shifts. “Certain types of mu-
sic become popular at certain
times, artists have good and
bad years. Through it all we
stay very loyal to the people
who have helped us, so we
can help them when times are
tough. Although the state of
the economy does affect the
viability of our business in a
specific market, the enter-
tainment industry weathers
storms fairly well.” Through it
all, PK Sound stands tall and
distinguishes itself from com-
petitors, proven by its recent
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