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ike the saying goes, you
are what you eat; but
what if what you are
eating is pesticide ridden-food
that causes your body a life-
time of harm after a moment
on your lips. Beretta Family
Farms – a family-run busi-
ness committed to providing
quality meat and products for
the modern health-conscious
consumer - challenges the no-
tion that healthy life choices
cannot be mixed with con-
venience, and provide their
organic products to the Ca-
nadian food industry. Head-
quartered in Etobicoke, On-
tario, the business relishes in
its strict Canadian heritage
and environmentally sound
practices to deliver the expe-
rience of a small-town family
farm with the qualifications
of a large corporation.
Seldom do we find people
that put the needs of the
greater good and turn it into
their life’s practice. Cynthia
Beretta, one of the founders
of the family-operated farm,
started the business over 22
years ago along with husband
Michael, not anticipating the
growth and success it would
reach. “[We were] tree hug-
gers that wanted to grow our
own food and eat organically
while making a difference in
our own lives. It was purely
personal reasons about how
we wanted to live and raise
our family,” Cynthia reminisc-
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