BEC / February / 2014 - page 137

business elite canada
nomination for a Tech Rev
award for its latest products.
As well, they receive recog-
nition for their innovation
and cultural novelty and have
been nominated for an IDMA
in the category of Best Manu-
facturer, next to Apple.
PK Sound continues to grow
its partners, staff and artist
affiliations, and wishes to di-
verge internationally and de-
velop partnerships with like-
minded organizations that are
eager to bring the company’s
values to their local markets.
“The next few years will be
challenging for our industry,
but some amazing new tech-
nology is on the horizon,”
closes Bridge. “We are hum-
bled by the talent we work
with every day and consider
ourselves incredibly fortu-
nate, constantly pushing the
boundaries of the technology
in our industry, inspired by
others doing the same.”
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