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Pitt Meadows Plumbing & Mechanical Systems

40 Years of Innovation in Mechanical Contracting By Anna Guy Pitt Meadows Plumbing (PMP) is as synonymous with community and family values as it is for decades of innovative mechanical contracting. A reputation like this doesn’t grow overnight, rather it develops over years of consistency and treating both clients and employees right. What started [...]

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Rising Edge Group

Rising to the Top By Anna Guy From the Lower Churchill project in Newfoundland to Suncor’s Fort Hills in Alberta, Rising Edge Group has contributed to some of Canada’s most notable projects. The full-EPC contractor has contributed its expertise in the construction and commissioning of substations, generation plants, HVDC Stations, HV cable systems, overland [...]

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Turcot Interchange Project

For over 50 years of service, over 300,000 vehicles per day have used the Turcot interchange, one of the most important interchanges in Québec, to commute throughout their communities. But with so much use, the time has come for the Turcot interchange to undergo a rebuilt so that Quebecers and businesses can continue to [...]

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Pacific Electrical Installations

The Power Behind Your Power By Anna Guy For over four decades, Pacific Electrical Installation (PEI) has served British Columbia with electrical infrastructure that powers the lives of its citizens. Underground feeder work, live line work, and maintenance up to 500Kv are PEI’s specialties, always fulfilled under the strictest adherence to safety and occupational [...]

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Davpart Inc. redevelops Toronto landmark as The United Building

Former Maclean-Hunter Building is the Tallest Architectural Heritage Retention in North America The CN Tower isn’t the only record-setting building in Toronto. In March, 2019, Davport Inc. announced it will undertake North America’s tallest architectural heritage retention development when it renovated the United Building on the northeast corner of University Avenue and Dundas Street [...]

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Capwood Group

The Next Generation of Real Estate By Anna Guy Founded in 2013, Capwood, the Quebec-based boutique real estate management and development firm, is making waves with a unique division in its already large portfolio. The company, whose expertise is developing and promoting investment and real estate asset management platforms (on behalf of institutional third [...]

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United Association Local 144

By Anna Guy Since 1898, Local 144 has represented highly skilled and industrious men and women in the pipefitting and pipe welding industry. In Quebec, Local 144 is an affiliate of the United Association—the Union of Plumbers, Fitters, Welders, and Service Technicians—which represents 340,000 workers across local North American unions. Of that, Local 144 [...]

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Graham Construction

Graham- Metrotown Station and ExchangeUpgrade project For nearly a century, Graham Construction has contributed to the construction industry’s biggest and most innovative projects—in fact, the company’s inaugural project was no less than building railway stations for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Today, Graham is a multi-billion dollar company with a roster of industrial, building, and [...]

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Canada BIM Council (CanBIM)

  10 Years of Leadership in Building Information Modeling As the business voice of Canada’s BIM community, Canada BIM Council, or CanBIM, represents, supports and advocates on behalf of the entire Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Owner, Operator (AECOO) community to build a positive business environment for the effective deployment of BIM, for all engaged in [...]

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Bureau des soumissions déposées du Québec (BSDQ)

Champions of healthy competition in the construction industry, the “Bureau des soumissions déposées du Québec”, or BSDQ, protects contractors by overseeing a fair and equal tendering process in Quebec. “The BSDQ was created with the goal of ensuring the establishment and preservation of harmonious relations among construction contractors when a call for tenders is [...]

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