As the world’s largest producer and exporter of potash, the Canadian potash industry is as iconic—and vital—as oil and gas in the west, and the fishery in the east.

Accounting for a whopping 11 per cent of provincial GDP, Saskatchewan’s potash industry generated $7.6 billion respectively in 2021*.

Saskatchewan’s Noble Construction Corp. is a prominent construction company in the Parkland Region that has been providing the highest quality of service to its customers since 2003. With roots in the potash industry, Noble Construction is a partner with giants Mosaic and Nutrien, leading integrated producers of concentrated phosphate and potash—two of the three most important nutrients in agriculture.

What started as a small general contractor servicing the Southeast Saskatchewan Potash market space and created a business model that focused on employees, community, and long-term client relationships, Noble has grown to become industry leaders because of its approach to projects and maintaining a level of expertise that is second to none.

The Noble team of qualified professionals, tradespersons and administrative staff has grown to more than 200 employees, while being true to its core values, the success of its employees, the communities it which it operates, and its clients.

With the bedrock of our business being the communities in which it works, Noble works on the belief that it is crucial to support local clients and team members. “We have built on local talent and growing into areas that supported our clients and filled gaps in operations and maintenance,” says Les Roberts, GM, “with a mindset of growing in the right way the company continued to see more opportunities that enabled a steady and sustainable growth pattern.”

Roberts has been with Noble since 2015, and emphasises that the core of the company’s success is its people and community. “We focus on our employees and believe this is fundamental to providing long term service capabilities and being able to fulfill our obligations to community stewardship.”

The nucleus of Noble’s business is the desire to support the local potash industry, its employees and clients. “We have maintained our core values of ensuring that our employees, communities, and clients are our number one priority, says Roberts. “As we have grown, we strive to recruit and retain the right employees that match our values and support our culture. Our philosophy is founded on the belief that the safety and wellbeing of our employees, quality of workmanship, transparency, and the highest level of customer service are integral and inseparable components of our daily functions.”

Clients choose Noble for support in Mechanical solutions (belt conveyance, mill maintenance), Electrical services (electrical & instrumentation, low and high voltage, major mine electrical infrastructure construction and maintenance), Underground mining (rehabilitation mining, ventilation, and ground control), and Operations support (pipeline inspections, red dye mixing and delivery, site services).

Quality Conveyance Installations

However, Noble is best known for quality conveyance installations, with underground conveyor installations to be the core business unit—over the last 3 years, Noble has installed approximately 200,000 feet of new underground conveyors varying in size.

“Our diverse range of mining, mechanical, structural and electrical professionals allow Noble to provide multiple complete conveyance system installations to our clients each year,” says Roberts. “Noble has done multiple conveyor upgrades which includes removing a preexisting belt line and reinstalling a new larger belt line within a short outage period during client annual shutdowns.”

Conveyor construction starts with the pre planning and surveying to ensure proper placement of the carry structure, drive, take-up and tail pulley. Installations of the carry structure and structural steel takes place followed by the installation of all electrical and instrumentation, and then the commissioning team then completes thorough walk throughs and testing of every conveyor to ensure the safe and reliable operation for clients.

Electrical Switchgear and Distribution

Noble has a large electrical division with experience in low medium and high voltage applications—having installed various underground substations at multiple mine sites in southeastern Saskatchewan. Trained professionals specialize in the installation of underground substations and distribution systems ranging from 5Kv to 25Kv.

“We have Installations included the pre planning and review of electrical plans with engineering and plans submittals to ensure smooth installation and energization of the completed systems,” says Roberts. “The placement of permanent switch gear or portable mine power centers. Cable management systems for high voltage mine power feeder, terminations, and splices of all cabling. Grounding and bonding of cabling and equipment as well as the installed and connection of all protection devices. Our team also completes inhouse cable testing with very low frequency (VLF) test equipment prior to energization. All associated 600v, 120v and control cabling is installed to provide our clients a turnkey electrical solution.”

Mining program

Noble Construction Corp. has added a fleet of underground mining equipment to provide another service in the mining sector. The fleet is built around a Joy 12cm12 Drum Miner, accompanied by a new power sled, a Stamler, scoop tram ore haulers, Arva crane with cutting head, and multiple underground personnel carriers and trucks. With this addition of equipment Noble offers underground mining and rehabilitation projects which include new drift excavation, floor excavation, Underground development projects and underground rehabilitation projects.

File Hills Qu’Appelle Developments (FHQ)

FHQ Developments Ltd. is one of the fastest-growing Indigenous Development Corporations. FHQ Developments is the Investment, Economic Development, and Indigenous Employment Strategy Corporation for the File Hill’s Qu’Appelle Tribal Council.

Topa Contracting was created in 2018 as a partnership between File Hills Qu’Appelle Developments and Noble Construction Corp. with a focus on First Nations inclusion in the industrial, commercial, and mining sectors. This partnership combines the strengths and resources of FHQ Developments with Noble Construction’s knowledge and experience to create a service powerhouse offering clients first-in-class solutions.

“Our overall goal for developing the partnerships we have with File Hills Qu’Appelle Developments is to contribute to the long-term economic independence and prosperity of our partners and its citizens,” says Roberts. “We aim to do this by developing profitable business ventures, economic development opportunities, and advancing employment and livelihood for the Nations and citizens in a manner consistent with the Nehiyaw (Cree), Dakota, Nakota, Lakota, and Anishinaabe (Saulteaux) Nations teachings.”

Pathway Supply was created in 2019 as a partnership with File Hills Qu’Appelle Developments and Noble Construction. This partnership is focused on providing customers with dependable and competitive supply solutions with a focus on becoming a prominent Saskatchewan First Nations supplier to Industrial, Commercial, Government and private sectors.

Looking Forward

As Noble Construction plans for future growth, the focus will always be to support employees, clients, and communities by staying true to the values and principles at the foundation of the company’s growth. “By continuing to maintain those values, it will allow for continued opportunity and growth for our business,” says Roberts. “Our goal will be to evolve with our clients and the markets we serve with a commitment to providing innovative solutions and being a trusted partner for many years to come.”

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