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Winnipeg Airport Services Corp. (WASCO)

  Creating Safety Culture in Canada's Northern Airports By Anna Guy To those who frequent airports in Canada’s north, it comes at no surprise that geography, climate, isolation, and limited infrastructure funding combines to create extreme operational conditions. And those who live in these northern and remote communities know better than anyone how critical [...]

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Transportation Association of Canada (TAC)

Improving Canada's Transportation and Mobility By Anna Guy The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) is a not-for-profit, national technical association that focuses on road and highway infrastructure and urban transportation with over 500 corporate members in all levels of government, private sector companies, academic institutions, and other associations. When TAC was founded in 1914—yes, [...]

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Avier Group

Helping Your Business Soar   By Anna Guy When companies need to access remote sites, they turn to Avier Group of companies for seamless aviation, logistics, fuel, and services support to get the job done. B.C./ NT, based Avier Group has soared to success within the last decade by approaching aviation transportation logistics and [...]

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London International Airport

Serving London and Southern Ontario   By Anna Guy The London, Ontario airport continues to offer new destinations and features to keep passengers from competing airports south of the border. “Our number one challenge is competing with the air services offered at other airports, including the ultra low-cost carriers in the U.S.,” says Michael [...]

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Greater Sudbury Airport

Connecting to the world   By Anna Guy It’s been an active year for the Greater Sudbury Airport. A year ago, Todd Tripp was brought on board as the new CEO of the Sudbury Airport Community Development Corporation (SACDC), bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in aviation from his experience working [...]

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Niagara District Airport

Prepared for Takeoff   By Anna Guy Ask anyone, anywhere in the world about Niagara Falls, and they’ll most likely know exactly what you are talking about. Such was the experience of Len O’Connor. While he was working for aviation contractors with the United Nations in Northern Africa, people would ask him where we [...]

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3PL Links

Higher Profit through Supply Chain Control   Anna Guy The reality is, today’s business world operates without boundaries, time zones, or holidays. To stay competitive, companies must be able to deliver their products faster, fresher, and in greater volumes than ever before. The most successful companies maintain their competitive edge by unburdening themselves of [...]

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T-Lane Nation

Going the Distance for its Clients    By Anna Guy Much more than getting from Point A to Point B, T-Lane Nation’s customers know they’ve put their trust—and freight—in good hands. T-Lane T-Lane Nation is an industry-leading national logistics services company. With offices from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, the Alberta-based company addresses its [...]

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Thales Canada

By Anna Guy Did you know that two out of every three aircrafts take off and land using Thales equipment? Or that most e-commerce transactions are kept safe because of Thales technology? Thales impacts our daily lives by providing technology that makes our world work better, safer, and more secure. It’s hard to imagine [...]

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