For 30 years, Espace Construction, headquartered in Dorval, Québec, has been a cornerstone of innovation and adaptation in the construction industry. What started out as a full-service design, construction, and facility management operation has evolved into a distinguished construction company, becoming one of Eastern Canada’s premier general contractors.

Founded by two McGill University alumni, Espace started as a comprehensive design, construction, and facility management entity before moving into the distinguished construction business it is today.

In 1999, DesigneSpace—the company’s original name—broadened its clientele and began undertaking architectural and construction projects for new clients. Over the past two decades, the company has refocused its efforts solely on project management and construction services. With the incorporation of Espace Construction Inc in 2002, it capitalized on its extensive architectural and property management experience to distinguish itself from conventional construction firms.

Today, Espace caters to an expanding range of clients across commercial, industrial, sports/entertainment, and multi-residential sectors—a move driven by a dedication to delivering projects that surpass client expectations, establishing new standards for excellence and collaboration.

“Our journey has been one of evolution and innovation,” reflects Jean Saba, Vice-President and Co-founder. “We’ve continually adapted our approach to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and the dynamic landscape of the construction industry.”

Clients choose Espace for its experience and integrated approach, expertise in diverse construction sectors, and commitment to delivering value throughout the project lifecycle. The company’s ability to optimize construction costs while ensuring long-term operational efficiency resonates with clients seeking innovative and sustainable solutions. A transparent and collaborative mindset, attention to detail, and proactive problem-solving, enable Espace to exceed client expectations and deliver successful outcomes.
The Integrated Approach

Central to Espace’s success is its integrated approach, which bridges the gap between design and construction, resulting in efficient planning, clear communication, and mutual respect among all stakeholders. Unlike traditional methods, which often lead to cost overruns and compromises on project objectives, Espace’s approach prioritizes proactive problem-solving and continuous alignment with client needs.

“Our integrated approach sets us apart in the industry,” notes Saba. “By leveraging the diverse expertise and perspectives of our team, we’re able to deliver superior outcomes while maximizing cost-effectiveness and maintaining project timelines. In our experience, one of the main factors for success is the adoption of an integrated construction approach, beginning as early as the project’s planning stage. This method is an integral part of a comprehensive approach that we, at eSpace Construction, have been using for several years. We strongly recommend it.”

“At the heart of our ethos lies our integrated construction process,” explains one of Espace’s project managers. “We believe in fostering collaboration from the very inception of a project, bringing together clients, architects, consultants, and contractors to ensure alignment with project objectives and seamless execution.”

The team’s extensive knowledge in design and construction enables it to oversee all project aspects and mitigate risks across all phases. By engaging early in the project lifecycle, they validate building concepts, assess design requirements, integrate new technologies, and anticipate potential constraints seamlessly, says Saba. As a unified activity, this process continues seamlessly into the construction phase, maintaining a single point of contact to ensure real-time budget management and adherence.

Espace Construction clients also maintain a great deal of control over their projects while they are guided through the building process. The Client is offered varied contract structures and delivery methods, such as Fixed-Price, Design-Build, Cost-Plus and Construction Management. Together with the Client, Espace chooses the structure that best suits the Client’s preferences and needs. With this collaborative approach, Espace is able to consistently deliver excellence.

Recently Completed Projects

Three current projects exemplify Espace’s prowess in integrated construction: the GoodLeaf Vertical Farm project in Saint-Hubert, and the Beauharnois and Coteau-du-Lac industrial projects. The former represents a triumph of innovation, showcasing Espace’s ability to navigate complex facets of the project seamlessly. Leveraging its integrated approach, Espace successfully delivered a state-of-the-art vertical farm for GoodLeaf Farms, aligning with the company’s vision for sustainable agriculture.

Similarly, the Beauharnois and Coteau-du-Lac projects underscores Espace’s expertise in industrial construction, demonstrating its capability to deliver large-scale facilities with precision and efficiency. Despite challenges such as technological adaptations and stringent deadlines, Espace’s commitment to excellence ensured the successful completion of both projects.

“Our partnership with Espace Construction has been instrumental in realizing our vision,” remarks a representative from Rosefellow/Skyline, developers of the Beauharnois and Coteau-du-Lac projects. “Their attention to detail and proactive approach make them a trusted ally in our endeavors.” Following the delivery of the Beauharnois project, the same developers awarded Espace with yet another industrial project totaling over 300,000-square-feet to be delivered within 10-months (June 2024).

In an industry characterized by rapid technological advancements and evolving market dynamics, Espace has consistently invested in ongoing training, research and development and new technologies to further enhance its construction methods. “By constantly thinking out of the box and embracing innovation, we ensure that we remain agile and responsive to the evolving needs of our clients and the market” says Saba.

Of course, positive stakeholder relationships are a cornerstone of Espace’s business. Through open communication, transparency, and mutual respect, the company builds trust and credibility within the construction community. A subcontractor involved in a recent project illustrates this point, saying, “Working with Espace Construction has been a truly collaborative experience,” says. “Their emphasis on shared goals and collective accountability sets the stage for success from the outset.”

Looking ahead, Espace Construction aims to sustain its growth trajectory by expanding its portfolio, enhancing its capabilities, and diversifying its service offerings. The company remains committed to delivering innovative and sustainable construction solutions while fostering long-term partnerships with clients and stakeholders.

Additionally, Espace seeks to position itself as a leader in the construction industry, driving positive change and contributing to the built environment evolution.

“We’re excited about the future and the opportunities it holds,” says Saba. “With several large industrial projects on the horizon and collaborations with industry leaders, we’re ready to embrace the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead.”

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