Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI)

Established in 1979, the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) is the voice for the Canadian nuclear industry’s suppliers and an advocate for its 230 leading suppliers and institutions in the nuclear industry in Canada and abroad. OCNI member companies employ more than 15,000 highly skilled and specialized people in Canada, who [...]


LaPrairie Group of Companies

Established in 1982 as a one-crane, two-man operation in Tumbler Ridge, BC, LAPRAIRIE Group of Companies has grown into a 600+ employee operation offering full-service crane and rigging, highway and bridge maintenance, heavy hauling services and frac sand mining and distribution. The 100% Canadian family-owned company services the Canadian and North Eastern [...]


Independent Energy Solutions Corp. (IES)

Digital Connectivity and Lighting Solutions that Safeguard the Environment Technology and Products that Preserve and Protect the Environment Calgary-based Independent Energy Solutions (IES) is a leading specialist in the manufacturing of tailor-made client solutions in wireless monitoring solution packages, air quality monitoring, instrumentation, and gas detection, and more. But what sets IES [...]


Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council

Not every Canadian is familiar with medical isotopes, but they are positively impacting millions of Canadians’ health. How the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council is further propelling Canada to the global stage in nuclear medicine. Did you know nuclear medicine is in the midst of a renaissance? Significant growth in radionuclide therapy and [...]


Giant Mine Remediation Project

History of Giant Mine Gold was first discovered by prospectors in the Yellowknife area in 1896 in the rush of the Klondike Gold Rush. It wasn’t until the arrival of bush planes that the area became accessible and mining started, precipitating a gold rush that went unabated except for during the years [...]


Mosaic Esterhazy K3 Project

Each year, Mosaic—one of the world’s largest producers of potash and phosphate fertilizer—mines, produces and distributes millions of tonnes of high-quality potash and phosphates products. Without fertilizers, the world’s crop yields would be cut in half, and farmers around the world look to Mosaic to help keep their soils healthy, to nourish [...]


Menard Canada

While skyscrapers and buildings are the crown jewels of cityscapes and horizons, the unheralded upholder of all construction is the ground and foundation—without sufficient coverage (and depth) of borings or soundings, or determining the characteristics and strength properties of the on-site soils, a project is doomed before it has even begun. Menard [...]


FortisBC – Tilbury LNC Expansion Project

FortisBC Plans Major Expansion of Tilbury LNC Facility to Improve Gas System Resiliency and Meet Demand By Tina Costanza An expansion to increase storage and meet rising demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) is in the works at FortisBC’s Tilbury LNG facility in Delta, B.C. The Tilbury Phase 2 LNG Expansion project [...]


Rigstar Industrial Telecom

By Anna Guy Since its inception in 1998, Rigstar has connected people in remote locations with vital telecommunication services, empowering its clients with the ability to safely live and work across North America. Over the course of two decades, Rigstar has emerged as an industry-leading telecom service provider by delivering agnostic fibre, [...]

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