BC Hydro – Site C Clean Energy Project

By Anna Guy As the population of British Columbia grows, so does the need for more electricity. Statistics Canada predicts an additional 1 million people will call BC home in the next 20 years who will all need electricity to power their lives. To meet this demand and economic expansion, BC Hydro is currently [...]

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Stoney Compressed Natural Gas Bus Storage and Transit Facility

Calgary's Historic New P3 Project By Anna Guy It was an important day for not only Calgary, but all of Canada: on March 12, 2019, North America’s largest indoor Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) bus facility officially opened. The City of Calgary’s Stoney Compressed Natural Gas Bus Storage and Transit Facility—a $174 million, 44,300-square-metre facility [...]

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West Block Rehabilitation Project Update

Parliament Hill’s West Block will be restored to its 19th Century splendour—but with 21st Century engineering and design. The final touches are being done to the massive, $863 million rehabilitation project on Parliament Hill’s monumental West Block. If you had stood in front of the historic 19th Century building in late January, 2019, you’d [...]

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Future HMCS Harry DeWolf – Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS)

By Anna Guy In the Halifax Harbour in early October, 2018, hundreds of shipyard workers, navy members, shipbuilders and dignitaries gathered at the Irving Shipyard to christen HMCS Harry DeWolf. Following Royal Canadian Navy traditions, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau was given the honour of breaking a bottle of champagne against the ship’s 103-metre long bow, [...]

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The Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury Restoration Project

19th Century Architecture, 21st Century Technology The conversation to restore the Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury began the moment the 2008 fire was put out. A national historic site built in the 1880s, there was no questioning the significance of the building—home to the oldest French-Canadian regiment still in existence—in Québec. Ten years after the [...]

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Whitby Rail Maintenance Facility (WRMF) project

GO Transit History By Anna Guy The GO Transit expansion will bring more train trips to every GO rail corridor making it faster and easier for Whitby residents to travel throughout the GTHA and surrounding communities. Well known as a commuter suburb to the east of the GTA, Go Transit is a major part [...]

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Western University’s new Amit Chakma Engineering Building

By Anna Guy Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our buildings, and they shape us.” And so it is with Western University’s new Amit Chakma Engineering Building: a new structure that will both shape and reflect Western’s status as a leading Canadian institution. Prominently located on Western Road directly across from the Richard Ivey [...]

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Graham Construction

Graham- Metrotown Station and ExchangeUpgrade project For nearly a century, Graham Construction has contributed to the construction industry’s biggest and most innovative projects—in fact, the company’s inaugural project was no less than building railway stations for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Today, Graham is a multi-billion dollar company with a roster of industrial, building, and [...]

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Randle Reef Contaminated Sediment Remediation Project

Click to view Brochure Hamilton, Ontario, nicknamed Steel City for its 150-year history as a steel-making town, is one of the country’s most highly industrialized areas— 60 per cent of Canada’s steel is produced in Hamilton. Steel has done a lot of good for the region, but it hasn’t been without its negative consequences. [...]

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City of Calgary – Old City Hall Restoration Project

The 107-year-old Historic City Hall in Calgary is getting a facelift Click to view Brochure By Anna Guy The great fire of 1886 changed the face of downtown Calgary. Before the fire, most of the city’s buildings were made of timber; after, they were built of inflammable materials like sandstone and brick, earning Calgary [...]

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