Clean Energy Compression

Shifting gears to compressed natural gas IMW Industries Ltd. (dba Clean Energy Compression) unlocks cost and emissions savings through compressed natural gas. It’s a movement that is hard to miss: major transportation companies are investing billions of dollars to incorporate natural gas vehicles into their fleets. Huge names like UPS Canada and FortisBC, Walmart, [...]

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Rheinmetall Defence

  ONE PARTNER FOR ALL MISSIONS   By Anna Guy The preferred and most trusted source of systems and services for the security and defence domains. Rheinmetall Canada is a proud member of Germany's Rheinmetall Group, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of systems and equipment for the armed forces. With over 300 employees at [...]

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Cascadia Windows & Doors

Pushing The Envelope    By Anna Guy Cascadia Windows Ltd. is a fiberglass construction products manufacturer with a commitment to improving energy performance in buildings and reducing the impacts the built world has on the environment. President Mike Battistel and his partners had a vision for a product that would lead the industry in [...]

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By Anna Guy Established in 1987, Surplec Inc. offers, refurbishes, and repairs a complete line of medium- and high-voltage products and power distribution equipment. Despite an energy production and distribution market that has become saturated with multinational electrical equipment suppliers, independent, Quebec-based Surplec Inc. is distinguished in its field by technical expertise, flexibility and [...]

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ECS Electrical Cable Supply Ltd (ECS)

By Anna Guy ECS Electrical Cable Supply Ltd (ECS) has been awarded Best Managed Company for six consecutive years. Business Elite Canada spoke to Vice President and General Manager Tom Artinian about the secret to the company’s success. “It’s a huge accomplishment for us, for our team,” says Artinian of the awards. “What [the [...]

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Products Neptune

Canada's leading manufacturer and distributor of premium bathroom products By Anna Guy Products Neptune is a North American manufacturer and distributor of bathroom products that constantly seeks to innovate in design, style and sustainable development. It comes as no surprise to Alexandre Marchand that I have Produits Neptune in my house; after all, their [...]

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Ironside Design Manufacturing

Global manufacturing in Chilliwack, B.C.   By Anna Guy It is a Canadian success story; for more than a century, Ironside has been a mainstay for metal work in Chilliwack. Every week, trucks leave Ironside Design Manufacturing’s 70,000-square-foot facility in Chilliwack, B.C. carrying products destined to be shipped around the world. The company has [...]

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Vault Pipelines

Service and solutions for the pipeline industry   By Anna Guy Efficient, Innovative, Cost effective. It’s the holy trinity of business and it’s the key to Vault Pipeline’s early success. Vault Pipelines was formed in 2015 with a vision that was as precise as it was thorough. Though the Fort McMurray-based pipeline construction and [...]

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J/E Bearings & Machine Ltd.

Superior machining solutions since 1983 By Rajitha Sivakumaran Southwestern Ontario and the automotive industry go hand in hand. Sitting along a 400-kilometre automotive corridor are distinguished automakers, more than 700 parts suppliers and another 500 companies specializing in everything that makes the industry tick. Thriving in this hub is J/E Bearing & Machine, a [...]

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