The Right Equipment For Your Job


By Anna Guy

Conquest EquipmentNo matter what the construction project, the right equipment is vital to its success. Procuring the right construction equipment for the right time can make the difference between a project done on time and profitably. Being able to choose the right equipment for either short or long term, or to buy outright, is the backbone to any successful construction project.

Saskatchewan-based Conquest Equi-pment has been the trusted equipment partner for successful projects in western Canada and Northwestern U.S. for over 20 years. With equipment fleets located in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and North Dakota, Conquest’s influence has been felt in some of those country’s biggest projects in the oil and gas, potash and other mining, hydro-electric, and road construction industries.

The AMP Advantage

What sets Conquest apart from its peers? It can be summarized by business model that puts the complex and moving requirements of its customers at the nucleus, and guiding factor for its service offering.

Conquest offers an exclusive Asset Management Program (AMP), ensures quality machinery and service. “The right compact and heavy construction equipment when you need it, with terms that work for you,” says Conquest President, Greg Hodgson. “That is the foundation of all we do. Our whole company is built around keeping customers happy, productive, and successful.”

Hodgson adds Conquest is particularly in turn with the seasonal constraints of the construction industry in his regions, adding it is critical his customers have as much production during the warmer months as possible.

To best facilitate its customers’ needs, Conquest offers multiple ways to rent or sell construction equipment. Conquest specializes in compaction equipment rentals for remote jobsite locations and large mining, industrial and civil projects. Equipment types include vibratory smooth drum rollers, padfoot compactors, trench rollers, tow-behind compactors, and reversible plate compactors. Additionally, they also offer excavators, dozers, rock trucks, skid loaders and other types of construction equipment.

Conquest understand the capital constraints surrounding the purchase of heavy equipment, and has made it as easy as possible with multiple purchasing structures. Those include the outright purchase or straight rental, rent to own, short-term finance and long-term finance or lease. “Our whole company is built around keeping customers happy, productive and successful.” Conquest will also help its customers sell their own equipment when they are ready to offload pieces through its extensive dealer network, advertising customer’s equipment through its website, online ads, machinery marketplaces and other marketing avenues, and leveraging its 20 years of in-depth equipment expertise to negotiate the best deals for its customers.

To that end, Conquest offers a range of construction equipment and attachment rental options to choose from, at competitive heavy equipment rental rates, says Hodgson, including Short-term rentals, Custom long-term rentals, Rent-to-own, and Freight management.”

Conquest’s rental service is very strong because of the nature of the construction industry. This option is optimal when supplementing one’s own equipment fleet on a for-project basis. Projects that run only a few months are not worth the capital outlay for excess equipment. “Rental is the best option for bulking up for short term needs,” says Hodgson. “But if those projects extend, there are many options to extend the use of the equipment, whether through competitive loan rates or lease to own.”

A strong fleet and the AMP Program are complemented by Conquest’s industry-leading turn-around times and customer service. “Availability of equipment is a huge challenge in the industry, and our large inventory is a huge advantage because it allows us to deliver on short notice,” says Hodgson.

Easy Border Crossing

Conquest prides itself on getting equipment to its customer as quickly as possible, offering turn-key, door-to-door service out of offices peppered around the region. For it’s customers in the US, all border paperwork, duty, “and all the headaches” are taken care of by Conquest, who have carved out a niche in the easiest cross-border service in the business.

Closer to Home

Closer to home, Conquest is committed to giving back to the communities in which it works. The team is currently working on pursuing construction of a helipad at the local hospital, and supports local hospitals, STARS air ambulance, and the Rapid Relief Team on an ongoing basis. It is this constant awareness of the needs of those around it that makes the Conquest team one that has been successful for so long, and will continue to for years to come.