In the realm of hydraulic systems and machinery, Saskatchewan-based Xtended Hydraulics & Machine has emerged as a leader in innovation, inclusivity, and a commitment to excellence. Founded by visionary leaders with a mission beyond profit, this Indigenous-owned and operated company has not only set new standards in the industry but has also become a force for positive change in the lives of its employees and the broader community.

Xtended Hydraulics began its journey with a singular mission: to enhance hydraulic systems to meet the ever-increasing demands of modern industry. Co-founders Katherine and Rob Tebb envisioned a company that not only developed innovative solutions that would support and further the hydraulic industry, but also uplifted marginalized communities, particularly Indigenous individuals.

“From the very inception, Katherine held a vision of integrating Indigenous people into our workforce and providing them with comprehensive training, equipping them with skills ranging from laborers to certified Red Seal professionals,” says Rob Tebb.

The Tebb’s motivation for starting Xtended Hydraulics stemmed from a deep-rooted passion for sustainability and efficiency. He believed that hydraulic systems, which are integral to a wide range of industries, had untapped potential for improvement. Armed with this vision, they assembled a team of talented engineers and experts who shared their passion.

The journey of Xtended Hydraulics & Machine also began with a visionary perspective that extended beyond conventional business goals. Their mission was twofold: to create meaningful employment opportunities and to provide comprehensive training that transformed unskilled labor into certified professionals.

“Our nation faces a severe shortage of skilled labor, while the fastest-growing segment of our population is confronted with limited prospects,” says Katherine Tebb. “We saw an opportunity to bridge this gap by integrating Indigenous people into our workforce, training them to become the backbone of our operations in various sectors.”

The foresight of Xtended Hydraulics & Machine was grounded in addressing systemic barriers that had excluded Indigenous individuals from economic opportunities for generations. Today, the company’s workforce comprises over 50 per cent Indigenous employees who have not only found employment but have also accessed training, skills development, and career progression.

The company proudly showcases the immaculate condition of their facilities is a testament to their dedication to quality. In fact, Xtended’s commitment to maintaining pristine conditions within an industrial setting often surprises visitors. The company also holds certifications including ISO certification, TSASK certification, Controlled Goods certification, and ISNet registration, underscoring its commitment to excellence and compliance with industry standards.

Core Values

At the heart of Xtended Hydraulics & Machine are core values that drive its operations and decision-making processes. Indigenous and female ownership serves as the foundation of their principles. “Technology and innovation are indispensable ingredients for achieving success in an ever-evolving world,” says Rob Tebb. “Manufacturing’s success today isn’t driven by cheap labor but by technology and automation.”

Versatility and Customization

Xtended Hydraulics & Machine specializes in enhancing existing products, tailoring solutions to meet unique requirements. Their deep understanding of how products are used and the specific operating conditions they encounter allows them to custom-create solutions that outperform off-the-shelf alternatives. Moreover, their commitment extends beyond product development. The in-house RFID system integrated into every product allows for meticulous tracking of data, enabling the identification of trends in failures, durability, and quality.

“Our specialty lies in enhancing your existing products rather than offering off-the-shelf solutions with broad applicability,” says Rob Tebb. “We excel in understanding how you use your products and the specific operating environments they encounter, allowing us to custom-create unique solutions tailored to your needs. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond product development. Through our in-house RFID system, integrated into every product we manufacture for our clients, we meticulously track data to identify trends in failures, durability, and quality. This data-driven approach empowers us to continuously adapt and refine our offerings for each individual customer.”

Safety is a paramount concern for Xtended Hydraulics & Machine, as reflected in their impressive ISNet registration with an A rating. However, their approach to safety goes beyond traditional measures. The company recognizes the importance of holistic well-being, encompassing not just physical safety but also mental and emotional health.

Notable Achievements and Innovations

Xtended Hydraulics & Machine’s journey has been marked by notable achievements and groundbreaking innovations. They secured a patent for a product designed for the oil and gas sector that promises to revolutionize global pipeline processes. The attainment of TSASK and Controlled Goods certifications has opened doors to opportunities in the defense industry, generating more job opportunities and community benefits.

One of the company’s most unexpected innovations emerged from their incorporation of RFID tags into hydraulic cylinders. Initially intended to track product data for quality and reliability enhancement, the RFID tags drew significant interest from customers who saw broader applications. The company’s in-house software and RFID tags now offer data-driven insights for various assets beyond hydraulic cylinders.

For Katherine and Rob Tebb, the most rewarding aspect of leading Xtended Hydraulics & Machine has been the transformative journey itself. “A decade ago, it was inconceivable how profound an impact this endeavor would have on our local clients and the broader community,” says Rob Tebb. “A decade ago, discussions of truth and reconciliation, ESG policies, and dedicated Indigenous opportunities were scarce. Moreover, we could not have foreseen how this journey would transform us. Today, we stand as a business that not only attracts clients and workers but continually innovates, producing high-quality products and workmanship that surpasses conventional norms.”

As Rob Tebb tells aspiring entrepreneurs, “Discover something you’re passionate about and pursue it wholeheartedly. Along the way, you’ll encounter both triumphs and setbacks, but true defeat only occurs if you choose to surrender.”

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