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phone will always be answered by a live
person—something T-Lane Nation priori-
tizes so highly that no office has voicemail.
“The premise for that is the customer is
the highest priority,” says Williams. “Ev-
erybody in the company is a customer
concierge and we are all here to service
the customers. It is important for us that
our customers always know just how valu-
able they are.”
But that isn’t to say the company is not on
the leading edge of technology. Far from
it, T-Lane Nation has satellite tracking on
equipment along with 24-7 access for cus-
tomers, coast to coast, as well as cover-
age in the U.S. and Mexico, while having
specialists in crane heavy haul and indus-
trial moving. Another key differentiator is
the team’s capacity to move pieces that
scare most other carriers. Some of T-Lane
Nation’s key and highly successful servic-
es are based on providing specific areas of
expertise that have not been commodified
and where experience based competition
is low, including large building moving,
military security clearance, and hazardous
All T-Lane Nation team members make up
an extended family whose good health and
wellbeing is fostered and supported. T-
Lane provides its staff with fresh fruit each
week along with an inhouse Health and
Wellness Coordinator, Shannon Moens,
who offers the team customized fitness
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