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in 1998 with one truck and a dispatcher out
of the home of the Germain family. When
asked what drove the decision to start T-
Lane Nation, Tim Germain, CEO, states “I
had enjoyed my work within the trucking
industry and recognized the opportunity to
make the customer’s experience better so
my wife, Lauralee, and I decided to take
the step to start T-Lane.” The Germain’s
had built a great rapport within the trans-
portation industry before starting the busi-
ness, and the support and trust they had
within the industry catapulted the com-
pany to where it’s at today with approxi-
mately 175 employees, a fleet of ~250
vehicles, and contracts within the Military
and Defence, mining, hydro, oil and gas,
rail, construction, wind power, then special
projects and heavy haul.
The company rebranded to T-Lane Nation
a few years ago to reflect the robust suite
of services offered to customers. Not only
focused on the destination, customers—
some of the biggest names in retail and
transportation— are able to store ship-
ments along the way through T-Lane Na-
tion’s network of national warehouses.
Taking a look at their Acheson facility for
example, this 100,000-sq. ft. warehouse
/ distribution centre boasts 13 acres of
land for laydown / yard needs (½ paved,
½ compacted to 98 per cent) and offers
T-Lane Nation customers many services
that competitors simply cannot, including
10 loading docks, 5 bay doors, high bay
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