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By Anna Guy
Much more than getting from Point
A to Point B, T-Lane Nation’s custom-
ers know they’ve put their trust—and
freight—in good hands.
-Lane T-Lane Nation is an industry-
leading national logistics services
company. With offices from Brit-
ish Columbia to Nova Scotia, the Alberta-
based company addresses its customers’
diverse and unique requirements with
an exhaustive offering including FTL/LTL,
heavy haul, rail, warehouse/yard, and ex-
press services.
Established in 1998, T-Lane Nation has
grown a large and loyal customer base
through an expert eye for details. “When
you’re transporting a 200-foot windmill
blade, as we do typically somewhere in
the woods or smaller community, it’s im-
perative to plan out every detail,” says Cus-
tomer Concierge /Atlantic andWind Sales,
Byron Livingstone. “Not planning out the
details can mean having freight stuck on
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