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racking with 2002 positions, in floor heat-
ing, professional receiving, storing and
tracking. States Mannix McNabb, Cus-
tomer Concierge / Terminal Manager “For
the items that just don’t quite fit into tra-
ditional warehousing spaces, this location
is the one for you. With a full 24/7-security
system in place to ensure your assets are
always protected, there is no better com-
pany to handle your indoor and outdoor
warehousing and distribution services.”
T-Lane Nation also supplies cranes to
offload freight on a job site. “We are tru-
ly a one-stop-shop within the transporta-
tion industry, and our clients quickly un-
derstand that in most cases we can offer
them everything they need,” says Custom-
er Concierge/ Marketing Manager Chris-
tina Williams. “Customers have come
to rely on T-Lane Nation for a team with
the experience and safety skills / experi-
ence to do any job properly, efficiently, and
The foundation of the company—fam-
ily, trust, customer service—has only
strengthened as the company grows.
You may have noticed a common thread
amongst employees even from this arti-
cle: a similarity in the job title. To this day,
every employee thinks of themselves pri-
marily as a customer concierge, there to
deliver customer service in whatever ca-
pacity that means. Customers can also
attest to the fact that, day or night, the
business elite canada
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