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the side of the road for six months,” he
adds, citing an unfortunate consequence
of poor planning on the part of competitor.
“There is zero room for mistakes. 99 per
cent right is still a failure.”
Whether it be heavy haul (over 125 tons),
dangerous goods, or regular components
across North America, all T-Lane Nation
projects receive the same strong attention
to detail. “Permitting, route, surveys, de-
termining the proper equipment, weight,
turn dimensions, knowing the laws and
regulations in all the different justifications,
and ensuring infrastructure can withstand
the vehicle—all these factors must be
planned immaculately before the freight
even starts its journey,” says Livingstone,
adding his team recently had a project that
required freight transportation to leave
from Texas and come to New Brunswick.
“We have about five different contingency
plans so that if, for some reason, some-
thing is thrown in our way, we have an al-
ternative plan ready.”
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