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brand, Nation Ramps
com). Led by Tim Germain, Brent Wiebe
and Scott Green, Nation Ramps services
a multitude of industries, including truck-
ing and transportation, commercial real es-
tate, manufacturing, energy, construction,
rail, agriculture and warehousing.
Nation Ramps has grown to become
North America’s premier provider of cus-
tom-built, project specific portable loading
dock ramps with rent, lease and purchase
options to best suit the client’s budget.
With an inventory that includes previously
used dock options, Nation Ramps is North
America’s top full service ramp production
facility suited to best fit a customers spe-
cific project ramp needs. In the last year,
Nation Ramps customer base has grown
to include Walmart, FedEx, AutoZone,
Ocean Trailer, Troy Chemical, Velocity Tele-
com, Amphenol, Rehau, National Cart-
age, Direct Tap, Industria Superstudio and
Brent Wiebe, Customer Concierge / Na-
tional Sales Director, notes the following,
“We take a lot of pride in Nation Ramps
being the industry leader in North America
for offering new, used, rental or custom-
ized portable loading products while de-
livering premium quality, safety, and ex-
ceptional customer service. One direct
customer advantage from Nation Ramps
growing out of T-Lane Nation is that we
can also offer transportation and storage
solutions along any route, nationwide, re-
sulting in large cost savings for our clients.
From short term rental to large customized
projects, Nation Ramps offers the best so-
lutions to fit our client’s needs.”
Always thinking ahead. T-Lane Nation
makes the transportation world a better
place. Through creating win/win solutions
for our customers and associates, T-Lane
has built long-term relations by exceeding
business elite canada
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