The newly established Terrebonne distribution centre by METRO Inc. is poised to revolutionize the company’s operational efficiency, streamlining supply chain management and bolstering overall productivity. As METRO continues its role as a leader of the landscape of food and pharmacy in Quebec and Ontario, the Terrebonne Distribution Centre emerges as a beacon of progress, setting new standards in distribution excellence.

As a food and pharmacy leader in Québec and Ontario, METRO provides employment for over 97,000 people through its network of 980 food stores and 640 pharmacies under various banners, METRO is a multifaceted entity, serving as a retailer, franchisor, distributor, manufacturer, and provider of eCommerce services.

The METRO Terrebonne Distribution Centre lies at the heart of the company’s strategic growth in Quebec, representing the future of fresh and frozen product distribution in the province. This state-of-the-art facility signals a significant milestone for METRO Inc., reaffirming its pivotal economic role in Quebec, with a substantial investment of over $420 million in its Quebec distribution network.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Capacity

“Our new automated distribution centre will help improve the quality of service and products sent to grocery stores, thanks to greater order accuracy and reduced handling time, as well as improving the resilience of our supply chain,” says Caroline Larocque, Vice President Logistics and Distribution, Quebec. “We are now even better equipped to provide the right product, at the right time, to the right store, and to do so efficiently.” The centre will thus promote a better customer experience by offering even more products and variety.

METRO Terrebonne Distribution Centre services 700 stores under the Metro, Super C, and proximity banners across Quebec. This strategic expansion aims to modernize METRO’s distribution network, utilizing advanced automation techniques such as order-picking automation reaching 75 per cent. With a capacity to handle over 7,000 products and store 40,000 pallets, this distribution centre means a huge step forward in operational efficiency and capacity.

The infusion of technology from Witron, a leader in innovative logistics systems, further fortifies METRO’s supply chain. This partnership allows for an expanded product assortment, fostering increased reliability, accuracy, and resilience. These advancements directly translate into improved product availability and timeliness, enhancing the overall shopping experience for consumers.


Beyond operational efficiency, the Terrebonne Distribution Centre reflects METRO’s commitment to sustainable business practices. The state-of-the-art facility spans almost 600,000 square feet, equipped with LED lighting and natural-refrigerant systems. Additionally, the integration of 20 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for employees aligns with METRO’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint.

To support the transition to electric transport, the distribution centre has acquired two electric yard shunters, contributing to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. The implementation of 54 “Safe Connect” devices further underscores METRO’s dedication to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions in its operations. “Safe Connect” devices operate the refrigeration units of trailers with electricity rather than diesel when they are parked, emitting very few greenhouse gas (GHG).

In line with its ambition to achieve zero waste by 2026, the Terrebonne centre implements waste recovery programs, targeting cardboard, plastic film, organic materials, and more. Recycling services for administrative offices and cafeterias, along with a food waste collection system, showcase METRO’s holistic approach to waste management. Continued collaboration with the Quebec Food Banks ensures safe-to-consume food is redistributed to those in need, exemplifying METRO’s commitment to community welfare.

Community Engagement

METRO Inc.’s commitment to community welfare extends beyond the walls of the Terrebonne Distribution Centre. As with its other distribution centres, the Terrebonne DC actively participates in METRO’s flagship initiative, the One More Bite program, fighting against food waste. The program has successfully recovered and redistributed over 27 million kilograms of food in Quebec and Ontario since 2016, equivalent to approximately 53 million meals for communities.

In 2023, METRO proudly donated $63 million worth of food in 2023 to its community partners Feed Ontario, Food Banks of Quebec and New Brunswick’s Food Depot Alimentaire. No less than 4 million kilos of food were recovered, the equivalent of 8 million meals that were consumed and not thrown away. In addition to these food donations, METRO made a financial contribution of $7.4 million to many organizations, including these three long-standing partners.

“The money and goods donated to the organizations, which play a key role in helping the most vulnerable, enable concrete assistance such as the distribution of food baskets, meals and snacks,” mentions Marie-Claude Bacon, Vice-President, Public Affairs and Communications. “We know that times are tough for many in our communities, which is why we have increased our community investments by 35 per cent over 2022. Knowing that every dollar received by a food bank can provide up to three meals, we know that our support makes a real difference.”

Future Plans

“Our new automated distribution centre in Terrebonne represents the future of METRO’s fresh and frozen product distribution in Quebec,” said Eric La Flèche, President and Chief Executive Officer of METRO Inc. “It will strengthen our market position, generate new opportunities for our company and employees, and enable us to remain competitive while pursuing our growth.”

Looking ahead, METRO’s strategic initiatives include the completion of phase 2 of its Fresh DC in Toronto, scheduled for Summer 2024. This project complements the existing Toronto fresh distribution centre and the automated distribution centre for frozen foods, both crucial elements in METRO’s ongoing efforts to evolve and remain responsive to consumer demands.

The METRO Terrebonne Distribution Centre stands as a testament to METRO’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and community welfare. By embracing cutting-edge technology, implementing sustainable practices, and fostering community engagement, METRO cements its position as a trailblazer in the retail and distribution industry, ensuring a prosperous future for both the company and the regions it serves.

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