This year marks the 100th anniversary of CN—Canada’s largest railway.

Created by an Act of Parliament in Canada on June 6, 1919, CN has since contributed continuously to Canada’s economy and prosperity. From a Federal Crown Corporation for 75 years to its privatization in 1995, CN is the railway that uniquely spans North America from Eastern Canada to Western Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. For 100 years, CN has been serving Canada’s economy, from building the country to now moving over $250 billion worth of its customers’ goods annually. If you eat it, use it or drive it, chances are that CN moves it.
A hundred years ago, railroads like CN were at the forefront of pioneering changes to transportation to the benefit of the country. That pioneer spirit continues as CN railroaders constantly seek to innovate in how to move goods across North America more efficiently using new technologies.

The official anniversary celebrations started in the Parliament of Canada through member statements in the House of Commons and in the Senate. CN also hosted a Gala for stakeholders in Ottawa featuring the Confederation Players, a Prince Edward Island-based troupe of costumed, young, bilingual Canadian actors trained to re-enact the Fathers and Ladies of Confederation.

“We are proud of what we have accomplished at CN over the past 100 years,” said JJ Ruest, President and CEO of CN. “On this very historic day, we think back to what our predecessors accomplished for CN and for their communities, and we look confidently to the future where CN will continue to be a leader in safety and technology and by transporting the goods the world needs and consumes more efficiently through our world-class supply chains.”

CN also announced a new program targeted at fostering employee civic engagement. In addition to the existing Railroader in Your Community Program, where CN donates up to $1,000 to organizations in the names of every CN employee or retiree that does volunteer work, CN employees and retirees, and their families, along with CN customers and partners, will be encouraged to donate time to an organization of their choice that has a direct and tangible impact in their community.

This initiative will take place as the CN in Your Community Day every June 6 going forward—not only to mark the company’s anniversary, but more importantly, to demonstrate CN’s commitment to have a positive impact in every community where its employees and retirees live and work.

“CN’s history is closely tied to Canada’s economic and social development, and now to that of North America,” said Robert Pace, chairman of CN’s board of directors. “I am pleased that CN continues its efforts to play an important and positive role in our communities with safety at the heart of its values. It’s great to see what CN’s employees and retirees have accomplished in the last 100 years and what they will continue to do as they continue to innovate in the future.”

For CN’s 100th anniversary, the Company will tour parts of North America with CN 100: A Moving Celebration. The moving interactive container village celebrates the people, history and future of CN along with the communities along CN’s network. In each city where the festivities will occur, CN will also create a Community Board of community leaders to guide its Stronger Communities Fund decisions and strengthen community partnerships. The Company will also plant commemorative forests of 100 mature trees as a legacy gift for the host cities.

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