For over nine decades, SaskPower has stood as the bedrock of Saskatchewan’s electrical infrastructure, powering homes, industries, and progress across the province. Since its inception in 1929, SaskPower has evolved into the principal electrical utility for Saskatchewan, servicing over half a million customers with a commitment to reliability, sustainability, and innovation.

“SaskPower is committed to enabling growth in Saskatchewan and continuing economic reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples,” says Scott Campbell, SaskPower’s Director of Properties and Shared Services, Legal and Corporate Services.

At the heart of SaskPower’s mission lies a dedication to serving the diverse needs of Saskatchewan residents while fostering economic prosperity and social inclusion. Recognized as one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers and one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers, SaskPower boasts a diverse workforce of over 3,000 employees. With a focus on economic reconciliation, SaskPower has garnered accolades and achieved the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Gold Status multiple times, underscoring its commitment to Indigenous engagement and empowerment.

Amidst SaskPower’s ongoing efforts to modernize and optimize its operations, the Regina Operations and Maintenance Complex emerges as a beacon of progress and efficiency. This ambitious project aims to consolidate SaskPower’s operations in Regina, replacing five aging facilities scattered throughout the city with a modern, centralized complex.

The SaskPower Logistics Complex will consist of multiple warehouses, offices, pole yards, secure storage and decontamination buildings located on approximately 90 acres of land. The new facilities will house employees currently working at five different locations to help establish operating efficiencies.

The work on this project encompasses a wide range of tasks, including extensive site services, EV chargers, cable tray installations, low voltage distribution, energy efficient lighting with control systems, standalone emergency systems, communication systems, security systems, fire alarms, PA systems, and sound masking. Overcoming challenges such as coordinating extensive installations across large areas and multiple buildings required close collaboration with the project team. SaskPower’s expertise and collaborative approach have ensured the successful completion of this ambitious project, enabling streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.

“The goal of the project is to construct a facility that consolidates SaskPower’s operations in Regina, offering office space for more than 400 employees,” explains Campbell. “By bringing these operations together, we expect to achieve efficiencies and synergies that will enhance the organization’s effectiveness. Furthermore, the modern work environment provided by the new facility will enable SaskPower to implement innovative work processes and will allow SaskPower to avoid significant capital expenditures on facilities that have exceeded their useful life cycle.”

The benefits of this consolidation are manifold. By bringing together disparate operations under one roof, SaskPower anticipates significant efficiencies and synergies, enabling enhanced collaboration, streamlined workflows, and improved resource utilization. Additionally, the modern work environment provided by the new complex will facilitate the implementation of innovative work processes, further bolstering SaskPower’s operational effectiveness and agility.

“The consolidation will facilitate collaboration among various groups, allowing them to work together and share resources more effectively,” says Campbell. “For instance, the transmission and distribution groups have distinct scopes of work, but significant efficiencies can be realized when they collaborate and coordinate their efforts.”

The Regina Operations and Maintenance Complex aligns with SaskPower’s long-term strategic goals and commitments to sustainability and modernization. By investing in newer, larger facilities equipped with energy-efficient technologies, SaskPower anticipates lower maintenance requirements and reduced utility costs, ultimately translating into cost savings and environmental stewardship. As Campbell says, “The costs for operating and maintaining newer, larger facilities will be offset by lower maintenance requirements and reduced utility costs.”

Beyond its operational benefits, the Regina Operations and Maintenance Complex holds immense potential to stimulate economic growth and job creation in the Regina area and throughout Saskatchewan. By fostering relationships with local and Indigenous suppliers and committing substantial investments to local businesses, SaskPower aims to catalyze economic development and advance supplier development opportunities. As Campbell notes, “Throughout Fiscal Year 2023/2024 SaskPower committed to $877 million of total spend to Saskatchewan suppliers.”

Looking ahead, the Regina Operations and Maintenance Complex promises to be a catalyst for positive change, driving operational efficiency, economic growth, and community prosperity. With Phase 1 of the complex already completed in February 2024 and Phase 2 set to commence construction in spring 2024, SaskPower is poised to embark on a new chapter of innovation and excellence, powered by its unwavering commitment to powering Saskatchewan towards a sustainable future.

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