COMPANY CULTURE IMPACTS SUCCESS   By Anna Guy Even with counting Apple, Disney, and Tesla as customers, GSOFT’s says its greatest achievement is its company culture. On April 12, 2017, hundreds of people gathered in Montreal at the first CultureFest event. Dubbed as the first event in Quebec dedicated 100 per cent to workplace [...]



Maximizing Productivity and Reducing Workplace Accidents By Rajitha Sivakumaran In 2015, there were 852 fatalities in the workplace across Canada, according to the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC). More than 232,000 people were compensated for loss of wages following a work-related injury or permanent disability. Over the years, these numbers have [...]



Empowerment Through Technology By Rajitha Sivakumaran The word Animikii (pronounced ah-nih-mih-key) means thunderbird in Ojibwe. The thunderbird is a very powerful and respected being in many Indigenous cultures, and when its enormous wings beat, thunder is produced. Jeff Ward, founder of technology company Animikii Inc., has a very special relationship with the thunderbird. When [...]


STI Maintenance

Asset management specialists with a global footprint By Rajitha Sivakumaran Asset management, the process of implementing, maintaining, optimizing and discarding of assets, is one of the key elements of success for any large operation, whether it is public or private. Québec-based STI Maintenance specializes in exactly that and more. “Our mission is to help [...]


Stanley Security

Innovative Technology For A Safer Canada By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure According to ABC News, on average there was at least one school or campus shooting every week in the United States last year. Canadian statistics are somewhat less terrifying; after the 1989 École Polytechnique Massacre (also known as the [...]



Crafting Revolutionary Technology For Space and Earth Explorations By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure Vast and enigmatic, space has incited a considerable amount of fascination despite being an impossible destination for the average Earthling. Everything from ancient astronomy to modern-day extraterrestrials demonstrates our fixation with the boundless extension of our skies, [...]


FirstTel Communications Corporation

First Nation Specialists in broadcasting and telecommunications By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure FirstTel Communications Corporation occupies a special niche in the telecommunication industry — it is wholly owned by the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve of Manitoulin Island, the world’s largest freshwater island located in Northern Ontario. The history of the [...]


Vendasta Technologies

Marketing Experts Selling Business In A Box By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure A degree in physics and geophysics might land a graduate in a university lab, but in the case of Brendan King, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Vendasta Technologies, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Founded in 2008, [...]


Bold Commerce

Canadian Entrepreneurs Helping Digital Shopkeepers Around The World By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure Bold Commerce is Shopify’s largest app development partner, crafting some of the most successful eCommerce apps available on the market. The success behind this Winnipeg-based company lies in its ability to provide two of the most coveted [...]


Samsung Galaxy TabProS

The Best of a Tablet and a Laptop Featuring Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, Samsung Canada introduces the Galaxy TabPro S, the two-in-one device that lets you enjoy both worlds MISSISSAUGA, ON/CNW — Samsung Electronics Canada, one of the leading suppliers of mobile technology in Canada, announced last month the Canadian availability of the Galaxy [...]

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