White River Helicopters, Canada

The Sky's The Limit   By Anna Guy For nearly a quarter century, White River Helicopter has serviced the flightseeing, heli-tours, heli-fishing, oil and gas and mining exploration and forestry industries in Northwestern British Columbia. Over all that time, one thing never changes: the transcendent feeling clients experience seeing the natural beauty of the [...]



Building Success in People Since 2005 By Rajitha Sivakumaran Most entrepreneurs have a full plate simply due to their business, but Massey Whiteknife juggles his commercial ventures with a singing career and an upcoming reality TV show. “My whole life revolved around being an entrepreneur and wanting something better,” Whiteknife said. Growing up in [...]


Nunavik Rotors

Northern Quebec's Rescue Heroes By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure Home to the Inuit, 507,000 square kilometres of Quebec’s northern territory boasts a wide array of attractions for those wanting to experience the great outdoors. Collectively referred to as Nunavik, the vastness of this Arctic terra firma can seem a bit [...]


Missinippi Airways

Aerial Entrepreneurs of The North By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure The annual Missinippi Airways Ice Fishing Derby, a day devoted to fishing in Manitoba’s Churchill River, took place in March. A lucky contestant went home with an impressive first prize of $40,000, but the First Nations community in Pukatawagan was a [...]


Stratus Electrical & Instrumentation

Taking It To The Next Level By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure From a business development standpoint, it is a smart manoeuvre to dedicate time and energy to marketing in order to spread the word, particularly for emerging companies. But if you’ve been in the trade long enough, other means can [...]


Lea-Der Coatings

One-stop Shop For Human Safety And Environment Protection By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure The arrival of September marks two years since a serious rupture occurred in global oil prices. OPEC’s decision to continue oil production despite an unmatched demand has hit North American oil and gas companies, particularly operations in [...]


Align Personnel

Personally invested in the well-being of the workforce By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure Since May, the residents of Fort McMurray have endured the distressing consequences of a ravaging fire, which has forced them to partake in the largest wildfire evacuation in the history of Alberta. For one businesswoman, the experience [...]


ATS Traffic

Leading the way in traffic safety By Cheryl Long Click to view Brochure It’s such a part of everyday life that we hardly even notice anymore. Whether it’s a flashing message board warning us of highway lane closures or a flagger controlling traffic as it moves through a construction zone, traffic safety [...]


St. Amour

Seasoned recruiters unveil the person behind the paper By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure With the emergence of the digital world, applying for jobs has taken a turn towards online platforms like Workopolis, which are accessible to all and simple to use. The consequences for companies looking to hire can be [...]


J. Vair Anderson

90 years of all that glitters By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure In 1925, a young watchmaker by the name of J. Vair Anderson began a modest jewellery store in the heart of downtown Calgary. Little did he know that his name would be spoken on the streets of Alberta’s largest [...]

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