International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local 95

“The technology has changed, and the scope of work has changed, but in our 75 years, one thing remains the same—the importance of and pride in our work,” says David Gardner, Business Manager of the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local 95 Union. The largest and most influential union [...]

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Colleges and Institutes Canada

The voice of Canada's Colleges and Institutes   By Anna Guy If you want to know the quickest link between the business community and fostering talent, the answer is through CICan— Colleges and Institutes Canada— the national and international voice of Canada’s publicly supported colleges, institutes, cégeps and polytechnics. Founded in 1973, CICan and [...]

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An independent voice of labour for 65 years By Rajitha Sivakumaran Unions and trades go hand in hand, but many Canadians are unaware of the deep history behind independent unions in Canada. The rise of unions not affiliated with any labour federations is a story about fighting the norm of labour unions rooted in [...]

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Road Tolls Aren't the Best Way To Pay For Infrastructure As cities across Ontario finalize their budgets and try to squeeze out savings to expand public transit, something doesn’t add up. Too many cities, including Toronto, are missing out on hundreds of millions in savings. That’s because Ontario has a labour law loophole that’s [...]

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (BBBSC)

Enriching The Lives Of Canada's Youth By Cheryl Long The stories of children whose lives have been transformed by a Big Brother or Big Sister are endless. Peter Coleridge, President & CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (BBBSC), recalls one in particular. A family of four — husband, wife and two young [...]

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Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

35 Years of Creating A Home Away From Home By Rajitha Sivakumaran For the first time in nearly 150 years, Canada’s population had more individuals over the age of 65 than children under 14 years last year. The population has been aging for some time and the consequences of this are many, but one [...]

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March of Dimes Canada

65 Years Later, An Entrepreneurial Spirit Marches On By Cheryl Long Sixty-five years ago, Canadian women known as the Marching Mothers went door to door collecting “just a dime” in an effort to raise money to find a vaccine to prevent polio. In 1955, Dr. Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine and as threat of [...]

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Aboriginal Human Resource Council

The business case for Indigenous inclusion By Rajitha Sivakumaran The lack of both skilled and unskilled labour is a concern across many Canadian industries, but few realize the solution can be found right at home. Canada has its own untapped labour source: our flourishing, young Indigenous communities. There is a real business case for [...]

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