Canada’s leading manufacturer and distributor of premium bathroom products

By Anna Guy

Products Neptune is a North American manufacturer and distributor of bathroom products that constantly seeks to innovate in design, style and sustainable development.

produits-neptureIt comes as no surprise to Alexandre Marchand that I have Produits Neptune in my house; after all, their products are found in one in three Canadian Bathrooms. That number goes to one in two Quebec bathrooms.

The Canadian-made bathroom products company offers a range of luxury, modern, and high-end bathroom products—think bathtubs, showers, shower doors, sinks, toilets, faucets, etc.—along with a unique portfolio of equipment designed to seamlessly blend with all its units.

Success during the Global Financial Crisis

Produits Neptune was founded in the late 90s, and is now owned by Jean Rochette and General Manager, Alexandre Marchand. The successful company we know today could have had a much different story had it not been for quick thinking and sharp managerial strategizing. Marchand came on board the company in 2008, just before the global financial crisis. Rochette and Marchand not only kept the company afloat—but actually grew in a time when many companies were folding. “When we bought the company in 2008, lost 80 per cent o f U.S. sales in six months,” recalls Marchand. “We had to basically cut down on acquisition and run the business from the inside—we were in damage control mode.”

A lot of companies were going under so there were some great deals we were able to make,” says Marchand. The company had capital investment group behind it, enabling the team to buy struggling companies. “In the tough times, if you have cash available, this is where you are going to make the best deals.”

Made in Canada

Available in showrooms and wholesale networks, Produits Neptune employs 165 team members, and manufactures its products from a one-plant operation in Montreal, QC., for retail outlets in every province and state in Canada and the U.S.

When customers choose Produits Neptune products for their bathrooms, they can appreciate the durability, sleek finishes, contemporary look, and high quality just by looking at them. But what some may not know is the environmental stewardship that goes into the manufacturing process.

Not only is Produits Neptune the leading manufacturer of bathroom products in North America, but it is also the first on the continent to be certified ECORESPONSIBLE. “This honour recognizes our green initiatives in, among other areas, procurement, eco-design, life cycle analysis, manufacturing, recycling, and the development of new and emerging materials within a spirit of social responsibility,” says Marchand.

“This gives us an advantage over other companies,” he continues. “We are the first in the bathware business to be eco-responsible, and that resonates with consumers.”

2017 Mercuriades Award

Produits Neptune was recognized with a 2017 Mercuriades Award —the single most prestigious award for the Quebec business community—in the category of Sustainable Development Strategy.

“Many companies stand out for their performance and their ability to innovate, contributing to the development of Québec and its regions. It is with great pride that the FCCQ has honored their accomplishments for the last 37 years, “said Stéphane Forget, President and CEO of the FCCQ. The dynamism and sustained work of business leaders and their teams deserve to be recognized, encouraged and supported. ”

“We saw something that was happening in the market a lot of people becoming environmentally conscious and seeking products that align with those values,” says Marchand. “As a plastic-based company, we use resin and gel coating—that is the business that I am in. We are trying to find ways to make it better for employees and consumer.”

So what is next for this innovative manufacturing company? “We will continue to innovate and grow organically,” says Marchand. The company is setting its sights on Western Europe, and will continue to provide exceptional customer service, and a lifetime warranty. “Instead of trying to go after many different things, we want to focus on innovation, launching products, and partnering with customers who have been with us for years, successful for us. That is what we will keep on doing.”