By Dillon Meilleur

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Over the last 15 years Ideal Cargo has established themselves as a respected manufacturer of enclosed trailers. Each year, Ideal Cargo produces approximately 800 customizable trailers for a wide variety of applications. This family-owned business strives to produce quality products that are built to withstand harsh Canadian seasons. Their quality products, exceptional warranties and genuine service have made them a driving force in the industry. “We are the biggest manufacturer in Canada of enclosed trailers,” said Ideal Cargo Director of Sales Guillaume Bergeron.

Ideal Cargo was established in the small town of St-Valère, Quebec in 1999. Since its inception, Ideal Cargo has grown into a national enclosed trailer manufacturer that caters to a number of industries. Bergeron has been with the business since its earliest days, and has seen the company go through dramatic changes. “We started to build one trailer per week, and now we build 18 per week,” Bergeron said, who, alongside his father and brother-in-law, own and operate Ideal Cargo. Together they’ve transformed their small business into something unparalleled. Ideal Cargo is proudly Canadian owned and operated and all of their products are made in-house, ensuring the highest quality.

The Ideal Cargo guarantee

cargoAll of Ideal Cargo’s trailers are guaranteed to stand the test of time, and weather the worst conditions. Every trailer frame that Ideal Cargo manufactures is made of galvanized dipped steel. Before production, the steel is dipped into a vat of hot zinc. Galvanized steel ensures that the structure is completely protected and the infused product is designed to protect welds from corrosion, a damaging process that can destroy the trailer. “It protects the entire structure,” Bergeron added. Ideal Cargo is the only enclosed trailer manufacturer in Canada that uses galvanized steel to construct its trailers.

They currently offer the best guarantee in the enclosed trailer industry. Ideal Cargo offers a lifetime warranty on corrosion, a five-year warranty on wear, and a 10-year warranty on the structure. Their unrivaled warranties provide customers and dealers with a level of assurance that is rare today. “We have the best warranty in the market right now,” Bergeron said. Ideal Cargo stands behind their products and they are confident in their trailers’ quality and performance. In order to better serve their customers, Ideal Cargo sends out a quality satisfaction survey to all clients. The company values their customers and their opinions.

Ideal Cargo provides a high level of service to all of its customers and dealers and they are very hands-on with clients. A customer-friendly company that is always willing to help, Ideal Cargo encourages its customers and dealers to contact them if they have any questions or concerns. Ideal Cargo truly appreciates their customers, and it shows. Along with all of these features, they pride themselves on quality products that offer proper protection during transportation. When asked what makes Ideal Cargo different, Bergeron responded, “It’s the quality of our products and the services we give to our dealers.”

Versatility at its finest

The company designs enclosed trailers for every application, from simple uses such as transporting landscaping tools, to something more specialized such as national defence equipment. Ideal Cargo deals with a number of clients from several industries and organizations, including the Ministry of Transportation, Hydro Ontario, Bell Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces. Enclosed trailers are perfect for transporting vehicles, tools, large equipment and other materials. Their custom design allows for maximum efficiency with minimal concern.

Today’s technology makes it simple to personalize an enclosed trailer. Ideal Cargo offers a variety of trailers in different sizes, styles and models, and a number of accessories can be added to the trailer to individualize it. Ideal Cargo proudly offers a selection of custom options, allowing clients to customize both the interior and exterior of their enclosed trailers. These options include colour, interior finish, additional vents, anchors, raised floors, custom doors and everything in between. It’s this high level of service that has made Ideal Cargo an industry leader in Canada.
15 years of success
Ideal Cargo is proud to be celebrating their 15th anniversary this year. Being the biggest enclosed trailer manufacturer in Canada is a great responsibility, but Ideal Cargo is well-equipped to handle that responsibility. The company has a close relationship with its dealers; it’s of the utmost importance to Ideal Cargo that their dealers are happy and satisfied. They are an intricate part of distribution and Bergeron attributes a great amount of their success to the dealers and their hard work. The majority of Ideal Cargo’s dealers are located on the east coast of Canada, with another two in Ontario and one in Alberta. “We have close to 30 dealers all around Canada, and we’re looking for more,” Bergeron said.

Bergeron and his team are currently working on a number of new products, including the development of a new concept of trailer that will dwarf all others. They hope to advance their proven technology even further, enabling them to continually provide their clients with superior products. Quality products, genuine service and unsurpassed warranties, that’s the Ideal Cargo promise.