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knymhBy Anna Guy

Przemyslaw (Shem) Myszkowski and Wayne Harrison are partners of one of Southern Ontario’s preeminent architecture firms. Celebrating its sixth decade, award-winning KNYMH Inc, is a dynamic, diverse and evolving professional organization with a long history of servicing clients.

Headquartered in Burlington, ON, KNYMH was established in 1957 by William E. Wall and Robert S. Yamamoto, with David H. Matthews joining a year after. The firm quickly established itself as innovators in the design of civic and cultural facilities, schools, churches, research, medical and commercial facilities, for a variety of private and corporate clients, and continued to do so with the addition of Myron Karp and Stephan Namisniak in 1991, and now under the leadership of Przemyslaw Myszkowski and Wayne Harrison. The name KNYMH reflects the legacy of all the firm’s founders.

Growth and Diversification

Today, Myszkowski and Harrison provide the leadership for growth for the firm, providing managing techniques which are a balance between architecture, planning, environmental awareness and community involvement. “We continue to grow and diversify, meeting the challenges of change by maintaining and securing talented people, insisting on lifelong learning, employing sophisticated technology throughout all aspects of our practice,” says Myszkowski.

What considerations are taken when a firm collaborates with public and private sector clients, developers, building owners, managers, and construction professionals? “All sectors have different approaches to solutions which are driven by need, technology and economics,” says Myszkowski. “Foremost, we believe that effective communication and collaboration with clients and consultants for the good of the community creates a successful, balanced, satisfying and distinctive architectural solution. We are your partners in driving excellence and realizing a vision.”

Clients choose KNYMH for its technical knowledge, understanding of the economics involved with Condominium developments and the relationship we build with its clients. Myszkowski says KNYMH’s current focus is Mid-rise and High-rise Condominium developments in the ‘Golden Horseshoe’—Canada’s most populated and fastest-growing area. KMYMH is also involved in public sector work, and has developed a strong understanding and appreciation for Emergency Services and Operation Centres in southern Ontario.

Collaborative Spirit

“Our design process embraces the full spectrum of the community’s political, social, planning and environmental conscience,” continues Myszkowski. “We explore all the possible solutions to a given situation with the total involvement of our clients. Our aim is to fulfil the requirements of the client, spatially, technically, and financially. We always look to new construction methods and encourage our clients to keep an open mind throughout the entire duration of the project. Economics play an important role as well and we approach design as a ‘simultaneous evolution’ of all parts of a project.”

Being a client-focused company is ingrained in the agency’s DNA; when onboarding a new client, KNYMH forms consistency by assigning key personnel that will be with the client for future projects, creating a relationship based on trust, a consistent high-level of service and ownership within.

Outstanding Projects

AquaBlu Condominiums, Royal Connaught Residences, Belleville Fire Headquarters and Emergency Operations Centre, and Milton Operations Centre all uniquely exemplify KNYMH’s expertise.

The recipient of the Most Outstanding Midrise Building award at the 2016 Ontario Home Builders Association Awards, AquaBlu’s modernist architecture is an excellent example of sophisticated residential design on the shores of Lake Ontario. This residential project, along with the proposed premium office building is being viewed by town staff and residents as a landmark for the Town of Grimsby.

Built in 1914, the Royal Connaught’s original historic façades along King Street, Catherine Street and John Street have been maintained through restoration and reinstatement of missing or damaged architectural features such as the beautifully crafted rosettes at the high cornices or rustic limestone and most notably, the grand lobby.

KNYMH was also selected to take the project lead of the design of Belleville’s new Fire Hall / Headquarters and Emergency Operations Centre and the new Milton Civic Operations and Administration Centre are two successful large-scale public-sector projects.

Accolades for KNYMH’s work are easy to find. From Business Excellence Awards from the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, awards from the Ontario Home Builder, Ontario Home Builder Heritage, and National Post to name but a few from its long list of recognition, KNYMH is outstanding in its field.


KNYMH remains committed to designing intelligent buildings, by incorporating and exploring a full range of possibilities, current design innovations, technologies and processes. “Sustainability has now been rooted in our Building Codes and client expectations,” comments Myszkowski. “We are always keeping this in the back of our mind when designing and we continue to look for other methods to bring more to the table with each project. We are very fortune to have clients that also realize the importance of Sustainability which helps drive projects in a very positive direction. It’s a holistic approach which we rather call intelligent buildings. The results from implementing these technologies and processes are intelligent buildings that cost less to operate and are worth more to their occupants.”

Intelligent buildings are designed for long-term sustainability and minimal environmental impact through the selection of recycled and recyclable materials, construction, maintenance and operations procedures. Providing the ability to integrate building controls, optimize operations, and enterprise level management results in a significant enhancement in energy efficiency, lowering both cost and energy usage compared to non-intelligent projects.

Continuing its legacy, the agency’s next challenge is to determine whether to continue to be more focused/specialized. With more specialized consultants out there, Myszkowski says the team is starting to approach a cross road of what the next level of service we should be looking to

“Potential for growth is always there, but we are being careful how we do this without sacrificing customer service. Our entire business philosophy is client-based, not project-based. One that will never change; their satisfaction is our only motivation.”