The Next Generation of Real Estate

By Anna Guy

Founded in 2013, Capwood, the Quebec-based boutique real estate management and development firm, is making waves with a unique division in its already large portfolio. The company, whose expertise is developing and promoting investment and real estate asset management platforms (on behalf of institutional third parties and its own acquisitions), looks beyond just condominiums—and sees neighbourhoods.
With an unparalleled regional expertise, clients look to Capwood for the most sophisticated and complex projects. Capwood thrives because of its leading-edge expertise in finance, economics, urban planning, development, property management, mixed-use project management, and social media technology.

“We offer a broad range of high-level expertise which comprises real estate services, F&B operation services, accommodation management services, marketing on-line sale and logistic services,” says Denis Epoh, General Manager at Capwood. Capwood services include development and construction of mixed-use, new-generation real estate complexes with multiple and integrated services, property management and operation services, supply, logistics, and distribution, to name a few.

“By proving a unique expertise that integrates real estate know-how with operating business knowledge which constitute a one-stop-shop for consumers within their vicinities, we help our clients make the best decision for their business,” says Epoh. “Moreover, consumers will capitalize on a new life-style resulting in an improvement of the quality of their life.”

The QG Concept
In October 2018, Capwood launched its exciting new signature project, the QG Sainte-Foy, an incredible new lifestyle project living environment that evolves with its residents. (The name QG stands for “Quartier Général des Services de Proximités, which can be translated to “Local and Proximity Services Headquarter”.)

Epoh says the QG concept as “the birth of a new generation real estate”. QG is a unique new concept in real estate that breaks past the brick and mortar and provides an exhaustive lifestyle community within a neighborhood under transformation.

“The individual is at the heart of QG Sainte-Foy’s design,” says Epoh. “All the details have been thought out so that everyone is connected to their desires, from the design of condominiums to the services offered by the innovative concept of the Districts.”

The concept is an integrated ecosystem which incorporates a variety of amenities and services in a one-stop-shop style that enables the community to function effectively and improve its quality-of-life,” says Epoh. Think of a gourmet food hall, health care services, and nearly any amenity you can think of including spas, banks, grocers, and gyms. Capwood provides an exceptional lively ecosystem in which all products and services are integrated within the QG. Moreover, living in the QG ensures a constant connection with its members and available services for which a concierge is always available to ensure services and delivery when requested.

“The QG is a warm and distinctive space, which redefines the link between traders, artisans, service providers and residents,” says Epoh. “With The QG, there is a relief of day-to-day stress, since the residents will no longer rush for breakfast, daycare, work, lunch, appointment with professionals and doctors, grocery shopping, happy hours, dinner, relax and refresh or any quality time with their family.”

This vision for what is possible sets Capwood apart. Through an astute understanding of consumer behaviors and demographic trends, Capwood is best positioned to identify the perfect specific location while factoring in a real estate niche market in mutation. “This is critical for a neighbourhood under transformation,” says Epoh, “moving from a baby-boomer densified area, to a diverse intergeneration neighbourhood. The challenge is to design a project that will meet the expectations and the life style standard of both millennials and baby boomers.”

Giving Back
With nearly three decades in the industry, Epoh and Capwood have been very involved in training the next generation of real estate professionals, as a lecturer in several major Quebec universities, including UQAM, Université de Montréal and McGill University.

When asked why training and other activities in the real estate field are important to him, Epoh says the increasing complexity and sophistication of the real estate sector requires constant training to remain on top. “[Real estate] requires leading-edge expertise in finance, economics, urban planning, development, property management, mixed-use project management, and social media technology. Moreover, all of the above must be coupled with a practical knowledge of the operations of major and critical tenants especially in the grocery, food and beverage sector. Capwood is committed to training programs that will maintain a highly trained skill sets overtime in the areas of finance, real estate, technology, food and beverage.”

Capwood understands real estate is about people. By acquiring, designing and developing innovative commercial and condominium projects, the Capwood team is setting the bar higher for the next generation of real estate development.