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KEY PROJECTS IN                                         Tonnerre project carried out in collaboration with

        QUÉBEC AND FRANCE                                       Innergex for French transmission-system operator

                                                                Réseau de Transport d’Électricité.

        The first EVLO 1000 systems will be delivered in
                                                                EVLO has been leveraging the 40 years of work
        the coming months for work on a high–voltage
                                                                that Hydro Québec has invested in battery research
        transmission line in the Haute-Mauricie region. The
                                                                with a focus on bringing to market energy storage
        energy storage system deployed will supply power
                                                                systems, with regards to the chemistry and
        to the region’s residential and business customers
                                                                making it a viable product to accelerate the energy
        while the work is underway. This will be one of the
        most powerful energy storage systems in use in

                                                                Energy Storage can accumulate energy and keep
                                                                it until it’s needed. It can be used during power
        Meanwhile, EVLO product installations are
                                                                outages, to balance intermittent energy sources or
        advancing well at Gabrielle-Bodis solar generating
                                                                to replace energy production during maintenance,
        station in La Prairie, and in France as part of the
                                                                for example.

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