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(Left to right) Martin Rheault, VP, Sales and Business Development, Guillaume Hayet, President and CEO, Philippe Venne, Senior Electrical Engineer,
  Jérémie Lepage, Sales Engineer, David Gallagher, Director, Maintenance and Operations Projects, Robert Goulet, Warehouse and events coordinator,
         Pascal Dubé, Chief Procurement Officer, Sonia St-Arnaud, Chief Finance Officer, François Michaut, Director, Strategy & Marketing.

        reach 20 years, at the end of which its constituent     “The Parent substation project will be the first

        elements are 99% recyclable.                            energy storage system on our grid that will meet
                                                                the transmission system’s need for service

        The EVLO 1000 system, which is 8.84 m long and          continuity by providing an auxiliary energy source
        1.82 m wide, contains advanced safety systems           through islanding during outages and planned

        and a powerful software solution enabling remote        de-energizations. The project will increase the

        control and monitoring.                                 area’s power grid resilience,” noted Maxime Lajoie,
                                                                Senior Director–Planning, Expertise and Operational

        This launch of the EVLO 1000 came just seven            Support in Hydro-Québec’s Groupe–TransÉnergie et
        months after EVLO deployed a 4-MW / 20-MWh              Équipement.

        battery energy storage system on the Hydro-

        Québec grid based on the lithium iron phosphate         “The energy storage system can be charged at night
        (LFP) battery technology—the largest energy storage     and used during the day to supply the city while the

        system deployed in Quebec.                              line is de-energized for work to be performed. This

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