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                                                                DESIGNED TO ACCELERATE

                                                                THE ENERGY TRANSITION

                                                                EVLO’s energy storage products are designed to
                                                                be modular for the large-scale needs of utilities and

                                                                come with EVLO’s advanced control software suite.

                                                                EVLO has been leveraging the 40 years of work

                                                                that Hydro Québec has invested in battery research
                                                                with a focus on bringing to market energy storage
                   Guillaume Hayet, President and CEO
                                                                systems, with regards to the chemistry and
        innovative solution will limit the use of generators,   making it a viable product to accelerate the energy

        which run on fossil fuels, while also reducing          transition.

        greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution and
        the transportation of fuel,” added Alain Aubuchon,      “Energy Storage can accumulate energy and keep it

        EVLO’s Business Relationship Director                   until it’s needed,” says Francis Labbé,

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