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systems,” says Guillaume Hayet, President and CEO

                                                                of EVLO Energy Storage.

                                                                The units stand up to the Quebec winters. “Our

                                                                units can support minus 40 degrees right away and
                                                                have the ability to go a bit lower in survival mode

                                                                in those systems. Batteries are quite sensitive to

                                                                temperature, hot and cold temperatures. Because
                                                                we’ve been deploying our solutions up north

                                                                in Québec, we know it’s something that will be
                                                                suitable for basically all communities throughout

                                                                Canada. We’ve designed our systems to be well

                                                                insulated and well designed for Canadian weather
                                                                and one of the ways is to support this replacement

                                                                of diesel generation.”

        for real-time temperature monitoring, an ultrafast

        hydrogen-emissions detector and an innovative

        active-ventilation system. Each system also has a
        dry-pipe sprinkler system. In addition, EVLO 1000

        is ready for integration with utilities’ cybersecurity


        “The launch of EVLO 1000 puts us in a favorable

        position in the energy storage market. With our
        storage systems’ cost, modularity and density, we

        can provide a made–to–measure response to our
        customers’ needs, while helping accelerate the

        energy transition with safe, powerful, sustainable

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