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Spokesperson. “It can be used during power              A STEP ABOVE

        outages, to balance intermittent energy sources or

        to replace energy production during maintenance,
                                                                As a company operating in a dynamic market,
        for example.”
                                                                in which renewable energies and power–grid

                                                                decentralization are increasingly important, EVLO
        “Other than hydropower, renewable energy is
                                                                sets itself apart by the high level of safety at the
        often intermittent energy (less power when wind
                                                                core of its storage systems’ design.
        stops or sun sets). Storage captures energy while

        it’s available and deploys it when needed,” says
                                                                These systems use patented lithium-iron-
        Labbé. “Our system not only provides renewable
                                                                phosphate (LFP) batteries that offer better thermal
        integration, but it also mimics the behavior of diesel
                                                                and chemical stability than traditional batteries.
        machines and again, optimizes consumption of the
                                                                The EVLO 1000 is fitted with over 200 sensors
        existing energy you have in your community.”

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