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The foundation has always been

                                                                   and always will be based on a
                                                                    customer-first service model.

        Q: You recently partnered with Fleet Brake. What will   and to help how we can in the current health crisis,

        this partnership mean for FOT going forward?            FOT chose to build and donated an Emergency

        A: Fleet Brake is an amazing organization that has      Response Covid Trailer to assist in emergency
        a culture and values that matched FOT’s values and      medical care during the Covid-19 pandemic. FOT

        top customer service priorities.  It was a natural fit in   partnered with customers during the holiday season

        a joint partnership to bring their expertise of service,   to fill and donate an entire trailer of Food and
        trailer parts, and sales and leverage both teams for    necessities to local food banks. Additionally, FOT

        long-term success in the light duty-trailer segment.    is currently targeting to raise over $10,000 for the

        Fleet Brake has a vast array of inventory products      Children’s Wish Foundation through the Rope for
        and service solutions that bridges the gap across       Hope campaign happening September 2021 that

        all of Western Canada for our customers to get the      will see FOT managers and staff face their fears
        support they need in their local communities.           and repel over the 40-storey Sheraton Hotel in

                                                                downtown Calgary. There is no better way for FOT

        Q: Lastly: how will you celebrate 20 years?             to say thank you to our customers and the Western
        A: To commemorate 20 years of business,                 Canada communities than to give back to the

        we’re going to celebrate our community and              critical Charities that are most important to them!
        our customers by raising over $20,000 for local

        charities in our communities to show our thanks,                                       

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