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        profitable, top-branded market leader, creating top     Q: To what do you credit your long success in this

        customer service experience for buyers.  FOT has        industry?

        grown from selling a couple trailers a month to         A: FOT’s success stems from our amazing
        having over ten acres, 600 units and 8 locations        employees and the deep-rooted culture of a

        across Western Canada with thriving parts, service,     customer-first centered mentality that leads to

        trailer sales centres.  Having a vertically-integrated   an amazing experience for buyers where they do
        business from manufacturing through to the              not get anywhere else. Our work culture and very

        customer is a sophisticated business with amazing       specific process and procedures ensure a family-
        employees and a business culture that welcomes          friendly and customer results-driven advantage.

        change and adaptation.                                  Also, FOT offers Factory Direct pricing and deep

                                                                discounts because of our massive economies of

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