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                stablished in 2000, Factory Outlet Trailers     Q: Congratulations on 20 years in business. When

                HQ & Distribution is a Canadian premier         FOT was started, what was the vision? Did you

       Eretailer of new and pre-owned trailers based            imagine you’d grow to become the largest single
        15mins south of Calgary, AB, celebrating 20 years       largest trailer dealership in all of Canada?

        of business this year. Business Elite Canada spoke      A: When FOT was built it was built on the need for

        with Factory Outlet Trailers CEO, David Thompson,       a better customer service experience for people
        about entrepreneurship and his journey leading the      acquiring trailer hauling solutions. The foundation

        company from a single location to the largest single    has always been and always will be based on a
        largest trailer dealership in all of Canada! Business   customer-first service model that offers the best

        Elite Canada spoke with David Thompson, CEO of          quality of products in the market.  FOT has set

        Factory Outlet Trailers about 20 years of success.      the top standards for Trailer Dealers by being a

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