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A: FOT has over 20,000 customers over 20 years          grassroots level. It’s getting involved, participating in

        and they are everything to FOT! They have made          an active level at events, supporting local endeavors

        us who we are today!  We’re constantly listening to     and staying present locally!
        our consumers, asking questions, doing research,

        and adjusting and trying to improve daily to what       Q: FOT has earned a reputation for great customer

        they are saying. We know we are not always perfect      service. As CEO, how do you reinforce this
        and don’t get it right 100 per cent of the time but we   philosophy to your team?

        ALWAYS seek to fix and close the gaps and make

        it right. We keep our finger on the pulse of what the   A: The customer always comes first!  The value of
        market needs; and creatively bringing new products      great customer service is reflected in the team’s

        and services to the forefront of the industry.          every day efforts. We encourage transparent
                                                                communication with our customers and we contact

        Q: As a proud Canadian and owner of a Canadian          each and every one of them directly for their

        company, what does community mean to you?               feedback. We also do monthly/weekly customer
        A: As a proud Canadian owner of a Canadian              service training and break-outs with all staff to

        company, community is one of the essential pillars      ensure optimal experiences for our buyers and we
        to FOT.  Community means having a positive ripple       make sure to recognize and honour our employees

        effect on businesses, families, and friends at a        for their exceptional efforts.

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