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David Thompson, CEO

        A: One of the biggest changes in the industry           door and online purchasing with less “tire-kicking”

        has been that the supply hasn’t kept up with the        of the product. Of course, this was bound to happen
        demand—it’s created a supply chain bottle neck.         since the business has become more automated.

        There’s a big divide in competitive makeup for us       That being said, a constant in the industry has

        as the industry has amalgamated. The escalation         always been the demand for quality products,
        of demand versus supply hasn’t equalized, so it’s       exceptional customer experience, and trusting in the

        created a deeper competitive advantage for FOT.         reputation in long-term businesses like FOT.
        Buying behaviours have also dramatically changed

        over the years. The needs of our customers have         Q: You have an incredible amount of inventory: How

        evolved, now there’s more willingness for door-to-      do you keep so close to your customers’ needs?

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