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been working as a consultant for the company
for several years when a management oppor-
tunity opened up, and he didn’t hesitate to join
the team. Welsh decided to join LM Packaging
for two simple reasons: their enormous poten-
tial and exponential value. Welsh said he truly
enjoys the challenges of working at LM Packag-
ing, describing it as the perfect fit for him and
extremely well-suited to his skills and expertise.
“I did not decide to join the packaging industry,
but more a company with large potential and
great value,” he said.
Growth is part of the future
Over the next few years LM Packaging plans to
rapidly expand across Ontario. They currently
have two production plants located in St-Fran-
cois, Quebec as well as current sales in New
Brunswick, Ontario and Alberta. In the future,
they hope to expand and develop a distribution
network in the United States. LM Packaging at-
tributes a great amount of their success to their
IT partner, CDID, who helped them implement
enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cus-
tomer relationship management (CRM). Each
is an integral part of the LM Packaging business
model. ‘’We have grown 20 percent in 2014,
and we still have plenty of room to grow.’’
For more information on LM Packaging and
their sustainable personalized packaging, visit
their website at
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