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“We are operating a fully eco-friendly business. Our raw material comes from
100-percent recycled fibres, nothing else.”
stay up to date and keeping ahead of the curve
is vital to LM Packaging’s success and advance-
ment. There are multiple ways LM differs from
other packaging companies; their innovative
and personalized design is leading the way in
the industry. LM was a finalist in the Packing
Association of Canada (PAC) “A Day in The Life”
event in 2013. “It was a great experience. For
the first time, we have shown to the packaging
industry, via a main event, what we were made
of,” Welsh said. LM is dedicated to understand-
ing their customers and their specific require-
ments. “We also visit trade shows in various
business sectors to make sure we understand
our clients’ needs and realities,” he added.
LM Packaging offers full research and devel-
opment support for all of their clients. They
oversee the entire packaging and logistics line,
making sure everything is running properly and
efficiently. Not only do they want to save cus-
tomers money, but they want to provide them
with personalized, sustainable packaging. An
additional service LM offers to its clients is a
full audit of a company’s packaging depart-
ment. They guarantee a seven- to 10-percent
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