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recycled and sold to companies for reuse,
ensuring that nothing is wasted.
“We are operating a fully eco-friendly
business. Our raw material comes from
100-percent recycled fibres, nothing else.
The glue we use for lamination is also eco-
friendly. And guess what? Our waste is
recyclable, sold to pulp and paper compa-
nies, and our final products are also 100%
LM produces and provides their clients
with sustainable, reusable packaging that
reduces their carbon footprint and over-
head. Waste management for non-recy-
clable materials can be extremely costly.
LM Packaging’s cardboard-based products
are durable, reusable and 100% recycla-
ble. Most packaging companies expect
their clients to purchase packaging in bulk,
which leaves clients with limited storage
space. LM provides five-day production
and delivery of all products, allowing cli-
ents to maximize valuable storage space.
This massive reduction in packing materi-
als and packing time can save companies
thousands of dollars each year. LM prod-
ucts are divided into two families: boxes
and protection items. Protection items are
1,2,3,4,5 7,8,9,10
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