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By Dillon A. Meilleur
LM Packaging is a Quebec-based corrugating
company dedicated to providing its clients with
sustainable, innovative and eco-friendly meth-
ods of packaging valuables.
“This is what LM is all about: Innovation – So-
lution – Protection. Our L-Shape Corners, U-
Channels and Corrugated Machined Blocks are
unique and certainly the strongest ones in the
Canadian market, giving full protection to our
clients’ products,” said Sales and Marketing
Manager David Welsh. LM produces versatile,
cutting-edge, cardboard packaging to store
and handle products, allowing clients to con-
fidently ship everything from heavy machinery
to fragile items.
LMPackaging, or Emballages LMas it’s written
in French, was established in 1992 by a group
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