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what LM is truly about; supplying their clients
with not only protection, but peace of mind.
New technology trims costs
and assembly time
State-of-art technology is used on the compa-
ny’s assembly line. Their innovative technology
is what allows them to create durable, sustain-
able cardboard packaging for any application.
LM recently purchased a Rapidex 66, a superior
production machine that cuts, folds, prints and
glues the raw materials together, transforming
nothing more than a few pieces of cardboard
into something durable and long lasting. This
high level of technology creates significant ef-
ficiencies, reducing not only overhead but pro-
duction and assembly time. All products are
designed and produced in-house by a team of
skilled engineers and maintenance personnel.
LM takes pride in their products and stands be-
hind their packaging 100 percent.
Welsh joined the LM Packaging team two
years ago and he’s never looked back. He had
“This is what LM is all about: Innovation – Solution – Protection. Our L-Shape
Corners,U-Channels andCorrugatedMachinedBlocks are unique and certainly
the strongest ones in the Canadian market.”
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