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business elite canada
of eager, wet-behind-the-ears businessmen.
The idea to start their own packaging compa-
ny first came from their fathers who together
owned and operated their own major furniture
plant in Quebec. As furniture manufacturers,
an intricate part of their business was the stor-
ing and handling of their products safely and
professionally. In 1992, the two business own-
ers were caught in a lockout with their box sup-
pliers and the experience showed them an op-
portunity that they passed on to their children.
This was how LM was born. Today they have
grown and expanded into a national packag-
ing powerhouse that continues to create eco-
friendly alternatives.
Setting themselves apart
LM Packaging is about three things: innova-
tion, solution and protection. Ensuring their
staff is educated and trained in the latest in-
dustry trends is a core part of LM Packaging.
They keep a watchful eye on the industry to
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