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Maritime Hydraulic

Engineering solutions through innovation By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure When global engineering firms providing services for large energy companies face an obstacle, such as an issue with equipment, they reach out to the market to procure a solution. When an issue in hydraulics arises, the Moncton-based Maritime Hydraulic is a [...]


Technologies DUAL-ADE Inc

The engineers of innovation, solutions and action By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure If a single Canadian small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) could be praised for boundless innovation in the electrotechnical sector, it would be the Québec-based Technologies DUAL-ADE Inc. Modest in size with a staff base of 95 people from [...]


C2 Enterprise

The ITSM experts behind business optimization By Rajitha Sivakumaran Click to view Brochure Cost reduction techniques are all the rage in the frail Canadian business economy we live in. One Montreal-based company is striving to push aside the limiting economy by offering cost-effective IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions for better business efficiency. [...]



Medical research company plays important role in saving lives By Cheryl Long Click to view Brochure The gains of scientific research came full circle for interventional cardiologist Dr. Guy Leclerc when the new cardiac valve that his company, AccelLAB, tested in preclinical studies was finally approved for use in a human patient. [...]


Quebec Metro High Tech Park

A community built on skill, ideas and a will to innovate By Cheryl Long Click to view Brochure Canada’s first technology park, founded in Quebec City in 1988, is a glowing example of innovation combined with a vision for the future. Its focus is attracting, supporting, and providing services to forward-thinking companies [...]


Kelvin Emtech

A company at the helm of mission critical services By Cheryl Long Click to view Brochure It’s like a scenario from a disaster movie. Production lines shut down, the power to a hospital fails, computers go offline … the modern-day world is coming to a crashing halt. And while this may sound [...]


Canada151 Data Centers Inc. (C151)

High-end, secure service at a mid-market price Click to view Brochure By Cheryl Long Savvy consumers know that researching cell phone plans or Internet providers is the best way to nail down that ideal combination of price and service. The same holds true in the corporate world, particularly when it comes to [...]



Helping organizations guard against cyber crime Click to view Brochure By Cheryl Long It could be something as simple as a USB stick found lying in the office foyer. Cyber crime is stealthy and it’s malicious and it’s everywhere. Could your business be at risk? As technology continues to advance at a [...]



Taking the complexity out of business communications By Cheryl Long Click to view Brochure Whether it’s a company-wide town hall session or an everyday team meeting with participants around the world, Arkadin is having a revolutionary impact on the way people work and communicate in a universe that’s growing smaller every day. [...]



New triple play service provider ushers in TheSkinny By Kate Lysakowski Produced by Tom Cunningham It has long been recognized by Canadian consumers that when choosing a service provider to cater to their triple play needs — internet, cable and home phone — the options are limited. The three major players within the Canadian [...]